September 18th, 2001


Coffee Hackin'

Chuck and I went to Starbucks earlier to read and hack, respectively. Fun stuff.

Got home 11:30-ish and been been working on LJ upgrade ever since.

Cutting Edge, my ass.

Went to Lake Sammmamamamaish this morning to pick up Chuck from a tutoring session since he's carless.

On the way back I went to Hard Drives Northwest, Computer Stop, and "Cutting Edge Computers" to find 1U sliding mounting rails and wireless network cards and base stations. Nobody had 'em. The funniest thing though was Cutting Edge's response: "Oh, no... no. We don't carry anything fancy like that." Fancy? So much for "Cutting Edge".

avva text messaged me on my way back saying the friends view construction logic was broken and to read my email. I got home and sure enough, he figured out the bug. What a stud. I just have to fix it now.


I took Chuck to work, then went to Greenlake to walk around the lake and find a nice bit of grass to pull out my laptop and work on LJ. But instead... I saw the bike store (where I got my last bike) and decided to look at bikes instead of walk around the lake. I ended up buying a Blue/Silver 17.5" 2002 Trek 7500 FX ... it's a hybrid. I took it for a test drive around part of the lake... fun stuff.

I also ordered my Orinoco wireless network card today so I can sit on the HUB lawn or go to Starbucks and be connected.

Yay for spending money. (I tend to do this... buy nothing for long periods of time and get a whole bunch of stuff at once)

Grumpiness: solved!

I figured out why I'm grumpy ... my stupid ass forgot to eat dinner.

That also explains why I had no energy and wanted to go to bed at 8:30.

Anyway, I went and made a sandwich and ate a can of peaches. All better now.

Freezing cold, though ... am I sick? I turned on my Vornado space heater... Oh space heater, I love you so.

Chuck and I might watch a movie now.