September 19th, 2001


Bike helmet ... where art thou?

Been searching for my bike helmet... it wants to go on a bike ride, and I want to go with it.

But I got distracted and played guitar instead.

And now I just got distracted from writing this entry and worked on cleaning my overflowing inbox because talking about guitar reminded me that I hadn't responded to an email from rory yet.

So many interesting emails from people lately. 84 messages in my inbox, though ... need to clean them sometime.

Been learning DocBook and tools today and last night.

I have a papercut on the fatty part of my palm below my thumb. The weird thing is that I never get papercuts... I got it Tuesday evening, the same day the girl at the music store was ringing me up and got a papercut ... selective perception? Nirvana and Linkin Park's paper cut songs are now moved up in my 2,000 song random playlist and random is off. Yay for "J". (props to whitaker for the xmms strategy)

Now onto something productive.

Anybody up for a bike ride and/or run later?

Bus racin'

Chuck was running late and needed a ride down to the bus stop. He thought we had time for Slurpees first so we took a left at the bottom of the hill (the bus stop is on the corner on the right). As we're heading the 100 yard or so to 7-11, we see his bus ahead of us... he'd missed it. So we followed it for a few miles until it stopped for somebody. We were trying to get ahead of it so we could drop him off a bus stop (so the bus wouldn't drive right by them) but there was too much traffic.

Good stuff. Nice weather. Nice day. Nobody replied wanting to go on a bike ride with me, though. Guess I'll go by myself. *sniffle* :P

Bad. Ass.

That was one Bad Ass bike ride. Went further up north on the Burke-Gilman trail than I ever have. Found a cool park on the lake ... great scenery everywhere.

Sweating head to toe now, though ... wore too thick of a shirt. Thought it looked cold outside.

I need to start biking every day to get ready for the ride to school in 12 days or so.