September 20th, 2001


Chillin' wit' Chuck

Chuck and I went to get Slurpees but upon finding the Coke too runny we got iced mochas instead... same consistency as Slurpee, but coffee-ish ... Mmm.

Now we're watching The Big Hit in my room with the Vornado on, eating chips & salsa.... good stuff.

Good day

Got a bunch done today. In random order: broke down boxes and packing material, brought them to the dump, took care of some bills, called dell about my scratched laptop screen (theyl'l send somebody to replace it for free at my house... bad ass), vacuumed my room, organized some stuff, did some LJ.

The whole cleaning/organizing spree started because I wanted to go on a bike ride and the door wouldn't open all the way with all the old server boxes in front of it (it'd been like this for months) so I just decided to clean. Feels good.

Found my bike helmet back too. Evan and I are going to go install some new servers sometime here.

I heard something about a party tonight.

Evening in Review

Ate phớ with evan, meena, erik, morgan, and mobley. Good stuff.

Went to InterNAP then with Evan to install two new servers. We couldn't park in the underground parking lot right next to the elevators though, oh no ... stupid terrorists have caused InterNAP to cut off access while they "review their security policy" and instead we had to walk 3 blocks with these heavy fuckin' 1U (!!) servers. The cases are made out of thick steel or something... stupid. The ASL machines were light.

So anyway, where do I sign up for this war? My biceps are now strong from carrying the server in its big awkward box. I'm ready for hand-to-hand combat! :-P

Umm... I had something else to write but I forgot now. :-)