September 21st, 2001



Yay for German intermingled with English:

"I compiled Apache mit mod_backhand. If I tried to start I got the following in error_log."

Makes me smile. Not that he messed up, but that people can be multilingual.


I never tell people everything I should. Take compliments: random compliments seem ill placed. Maybe writing it would be easier, but less sincere? But then there's other stuff... Hm. Back to this some other time perhaps.

Many stupid people still. That's not going to change. I've found it less painful lately by focusing on the smart & dedicated people I respect. I fear, however, that from a distance people can't tell me apart from the idiots in my field that I loathe so. I should stop reading mailing lists and newsgroups. If I cut myself off from everything, maybe I'll imagine more people are smart? But 1% of that traffic is from smart people, and those people make my day. Oh, the dilemma. (But I reailze now, the people that can tell the difference are the ones I respect anyway, and thus the only ones that I care can tell the difference?)

Paid some bills. My checkbook was in my laptop case... good place, Brad. Took about 20 minutes to find it, then 5 minutes to pay bills. Good use of time.

I'm starting to find it annoying to work around the subject, so: Blythe and I broke up, last week or so. I don't want your condolences, I just don't want to keep having to tell people individually. For the record, I still consider Blythe an extremely wonderful person and the best girlfriend I've ever had (evidenced by a record dating length of a year and half). However, after that long we were starting to get on each other's nerves. I'd like to be idealistic and imagine that in a perfect relationship things would keep getting better, not getting slowly worse ... the longer you wait, the harder it is to break up, right? Not that things were even too bad, but I'd rather break up before things got really bad ... I pride myself on having wonderful friendships with all my exes.

Problem with being single is that it's all-too-obvious how little of a social life I have. I was aware of it before but didn't worry about it because I knew that I had Blythe to hang out with in the few hours per week I allotted for having fun. So now bike rides, running, guitar, and other things are picking up the slack.

Worse, I'm getting increasingly sick of computers in general, so I have even more time I want to kill. School will soon occupy all my time and then some, though.

Going out to buy stamps now so I can send these bills off. Paying bills would be easy if I had things like envelopes, stamps, checkbook, and a pen easily accessible. (yeah, I had to search for a pen for several minutes as well...)

Cool shit

I found a Washington Mutual close to my house --- no more going near the hellish U. District!

I found the 98115 post office close to my house --- no more going to 98105 on the Ave in the center of the U. District!

Hooray! And I bought a book of stamps with a $20 ... the bill reader accepts any bill in any of 4 directions. Finally. So it gave me 13 one dollar coins as change! I forgot about those! Kick ass.

Oh, and speaking of dumbasses earlier, I noticed Chuck wrote "WA" as the "Zip code" field of the return address on a bill I sent out. It said: "City, State" under one big line, then on the right "Zip" under a smaller line. His "City, State" was "Seattle" and the zip was "WA". I bet they love sending mail back to idiots like that. Let's hope he doesn't tutor people in writing return addresses. :-P

Fly, birdies.

Went to the park earlier to work.

Coming home, as I was turning around the corner up the hill to our street there were what looked to be a hundred baby birds, all spread evenly across the entire street, looking for food or something.

Usually animals run/fly away when a car approaches... not these birds. I stopped, inched forward, stopped, inched forward... finally put it in neutral, revved the engine, then a few started flying away which after 10 seconds or so got the rest to leave.

Silly birds. :-)


Bored, I drive downtown.
No destination ... I park, walk around, drive, park, walk around.
Got in a few random conversations with other pedestrians.
I called three people I know that like to party.
No answers from any of their cellphones ... they always answer.
So, that means they're doing something.
And I'm walking up and down Broadway & Belltown by myself.
But I stopped and ate at Dick's.
Gave some homeless people some change.
Watched a homeless guy play guitar.
Got gas.
Drove home.
Listening to Gravity Kills remixes, I want to party.
I want to go back out. Where?
Nobody's online except Dormando.
I'm working on LiveJournal.