September 22nd, 2001



Chuck just came downstairs to tell me I woke up our neighboors. That's a first ... I didn't even think sound from our house could travel outside, then into another house. Indeed, I guess she said she couldn't even really hear it once she left her hosue, but she could feel/hear/sense the bass or something.

$ aumix -v 25


Killer Bike Ride

I just got back from a 48.3 mile bike ride around Lake Washington.

If you're familiar with the Seattle area, I started at my house near Manguson Park, went North on the Burke-Gilman trail to Kenmore, missed Juanita drive because I went under it (cool bike underpass!), turned around, went back to Juanita Drive south to the beach park, then down through Kirkland (directly across from Magnuson Park), over 520, through Bellevue, realized I dropped my shirt sometime, rode back to 520, found it, turned around, went back to Bellevue, drove down to I-90 West, took that over across the lake, Mercer Island, then the other side of the lake (oh, stopped on the island at a gas station right off the trail for some Gatorade)... hugged the lake up north on Lakeside Ave, went all the way up north until I realized I couldn't hug the lake anymore because there's a gold course east of the Arboretum. Went back south, went on Madison to the south side of the Arboretum, went north through that to 520, across the Montlake Cut, by Husky Stadium, then on the Burke-Gilman back home.

48.3 MILES! Hell ya.

And Chuck's complaining about the hill and sitting in the sun?

Interesting things about the bike ride:
  • Stay close to the water at all times and things are flatter.
  • Juanita Drive goes uphill for a long time. That sucks
  • If you're on a nice trail up high and see a nice trail down low, stay on the nice trail up high... going down's easy.
  • Lot of cool parks on the lake
  • Kirkland has nice bike trails
  • Bellvue doesn't.
  • Talked to a girl in Bellevue waiting to cross a street... she's from Portland, going to UW, yadda yadda. Good 2 minute conversation. I like meeting people from Portland.
  • STRETCH! ... after I-90 both my legs cramped up and I couldn't move my legs for 3 or 4 minutes.
I feel awesome right now.
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