September 24th, 2001



Today was guitar day ... went downtown to get a book for lessons, went to guitar center with Chuck so he could look at humbuckers, played a 12-string for a bit, came home & practiced for a few hours, went to lessons, and back now. Oh, went shopping too, but that's not guitar related. :P

Now I'm going to clean my car I think.

THEN! Off to Starbucks/campus/capitol hill to configure/test/use my new Orinoco wireless network card.

Dear Linux/Debian

Dear Linux/Debian/PCMCIA,

Blow me.

- Brad

So, uh, I'd been using the kernel pcmcia drivers for my net card because pcmcia-{cs|modules} blows. But now I have to get pcmcia-cs working because I want to use my CompactFlash as a drive and want to use my new Orinoco wireless card.

But cardmgr hangs my system hard. Oh, gotta disable cardmgr from using ports 0x800-0x8ff in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts, ya know? It should fucking auto-detect that. It's in the documentation, along with 30 other work-arounds for different laptop modules... go put it in a database and detect it at run time. Windows manages. Linux should too.

Okay, cardmgr works now. Now I have to build pcmcia-modules because I'm using a custom kernel for ReiserFS and other shit. So I have to get pcmcia-source and build my pcmcia-modules using make-kpg modules_image ... not a problem. Done it before, easy enough.

Oh, but pcmcia-cs won't build modules if you have CONFIG_PCMCIA on in your kernel. Okay, undo that... guess I'll use pcmcia-cs for my wired network card also. Feh.

make-kpkg modules_image (documentation says to use -rev but Debian bitches... yay for outdated documentation)

Compile, compile... woah, it's compiling *_cs modules now! Oh, there's ide_cs.o ... bad ass. Chug chug chug... ERROR.

Turns out wvlan_*.c uses the old min()/max() macros from pre-linux-2.4.8/9 when they changed to three-argument min()/max(). But in linux-2.4.10 they changed it back because everybody got pissed off. So in the meantime (because Debian hasn't packaged 2.4.10 with its mods and the 2.4.10 patch won't apply cleanly over debian's 2.4.9) I have to use 2.4.9 ... with three argument min/max.

So then I had to modify wvlan*.cs in pcmcia-cs to add the first type argument (which is the max_t and min_t macros in 2.4.10).

Everything built now. I now have:

Linus can blow me. Stupid API changes in the middle of a stable kernel series.

In retrospect, I could've used non-Debian linux-2.4.10 ... I tried it and it wouldn't build my modules_image so I figured I was screwed, but I realize now that's because I had CONFIG_PCMCIA on when I tried. GAAAR.

Hooray. Time to reboot lapwarmer. Then Starbucks?

Update: "{wvlan|ide}_cs.: Card Services release does not match!" *sigh* Die, bitch... I will fix you.... cd /usr/src/modules/pcmcia/ && debian/rules binary


Everything works now! And get this... I can now view my digital camera images without Windows using my CompactFlash adapter ... but cooler, I can access it from Samba from my desktop Linux system or Windows, and when I'm looking at the folder in Windows, once I eject the card on my laptop, the folder window closes. Heh.

Off to Starbucks to test the wireless card and play with the wireless-tools package.