September 28th, 2001



Seems like everybody's ignoring me the past few days. Annoying.

Got a third bill from 5251, my old house that I moved out of 6 months ago or something ... Everything was originally in my name so I told them to change stuff into my name or I'd cancel the utilities in a few weeks. Everybody mailed me back saying they'd changed it into their names. I should've called the utilities (waiting on hold for an hour, of course) to find out they were all lying and then shut off their water, sewage, garbage, DSL, phone, power, etc. Fucking shit, I know I'm not going to see this $325 or so anytime soon.

Left my coat at Chuck's dad's house yesterday ... have to run back there and get it.

Need to go get bike stuff... splash guard, lock, flashy red light, front light mount (or a new front light). It's annoying that my bike got stolen because I have half the pieces to a bunch of stuff now and they don't sell just those pieces. Bleh.

Played guitar. But as long as I'm complaining: I hate songs that aren't in standard tuning.

I'm not in a grumpy mood, though ... woke up happy for some reason. School starts Monday ... can't wait.

Update: Good stuff.

Afternoon in Review

Remedied all my earlier problems (paid bills, got bike toys, recovered coat) and then went on a bike ride with Kenji to Dick's and back ... just a pussy 10 miles.

Going to a party with Chuck in an hour here.

Oh, got my LiveJournal shirt today!! It's bad-ass.

click click

click click click click click nothing new nothing exciting click click click same ol' crap click click click click what am I still doing clicking crap? refresh click close open close open click click, umm....

internet's boring lately. I've started reading again but I still come sit on the computer out of habit out of a few minutes away and go through my click click routine.

heh, chuck just came in my room after working out outside.

Chuck: "yeah, I'm liking this working out stuff."
Me: (without looking up) "Great."
Chuck: "I'm starting to see progress," (while flexing and feeling himsefl)
Me: "I'll recognize progress when you have a chick in your bed."
Chuck: "Shit, that won't take long, I don't even need muscles for that... I already got the one muscle they want."

Heh. Classic.