September 30th, 2001



Woke up early to have lunch with my parents, little brother, and his 3 friends. They're all in town for baseball ... one game last night and one this afternoon. It's my little brother's birthday. And they're coming next week too.

Anyway, went to bed late because of the poker upstairs so I read for a long time instead. But that's good, because I'm tired now and will be able to fall asleep early tonight and be able to wake up early for ...

School! Tomorrow! Aaaaahh. But it'll be good.

Hooked up my guitar, effects box, computer, headphones, and speakers all how I like them finally. I need to stop playing & listening to Alice in Chains ... too depressing. Reel Big Fish time.

<lj-sec who="close friends"> .... Oh wait, never implemented that. ... </lj-sec>

I need to get out of this slump.

More shopping

Blythe came over to pick up a bunch of stuff of hers I'd found while cleaning my room the other day and to check her email. We then decided to go shopping because we both needed shoes and I needed to buy a replacement sweater after mine was stolen at the party.

The girl in the store recognized Blythe and I from last time and I told her how I had to buy the same sweater again cause mine got jacked. Now just watch somebody return that sweater to April's house because they took it on accident ... then I'll have two!

Blythe went to a dozen shoe stores trying to find tall leather boots but nobody had her size. I ended up buying 3 new shirts in addition to the shoes & replacement sweater. Score.

Got some food, came home, Blythe bought some stuff online, Blythe left. I'm going to finish my book now, then practice guitar stuff for tomorrow (lesson day).

So tired. Must stay awake, though. I'll go to bed at 10:00 or so and wake up nice and early for class.

Summer in review!

All my fellow U-Dubbers seem to be writing summer in review posts, so here goes mine before it turns midnight and I turn into a pumpkin homework robot:
  • worked on LJ nearly non-stop until the last week or so of summer
  • went jet skiing with Chuck and Kenji an uncountable number of times
  • traveled a bunch: cross country with Blythe & Whitaker, San Jose, San Francisco, (won some Webby Awards, got interviewed by Sam Donaldson) San Diego ... met a bunch of cool people.
  • hung out with Nick and AHS buddies in Portland for 3 weeks or so
  • bought a guitar and started learning how to play after my dad started to teach me at home
  • started running and doing situps/pushups with regularity ... along with my disdain for cooking and spending time/money eating out, lost a lot of weight and got in shape.
  • bought a new bike... went on 48 mile bike ride around lake.
The only sad thing (and in retrospect, the most notable event) was Blythe and I breaking up. But she remains a wonderful friend.

I start classes tomorrow ... Syntax I (Linguistics), Linear Optimization (Math), and German 111. Evan's in the linguistics class I just found out, and Chuck's in my math class... cool. I'm asking for pain taking another language class, one that I don't even need to graduate even (just need any credits now... all my requirements except one writing credit are fulfilled).

6 months (2 quarters) and I'm outta here. Where, though, I don't know.