October 2nd, 2001


Day in Review

Woke up this morning at 7:30, even though my alarm was set for 10:00. Very cool chunky fog all over the lake.

My first class was at 12:30. I was showered, dressed, and done with all homework by 9:00.

Rode my bike to school ... nice weather after the morning frost & fog cleared.

Bought my German homework book from the copy shop ... the line was so long they had signs up, "15 minutes from this point." Heh... like Disney Land! Luckily I was by some really talkative people in line ... made the wait not so painful.

German was cool ... toast is in my class, though I'd forgot his real name. Pathetic that I remember usernames more than real names. :-P So I know somebody in all my classes... Chuck in math, Evan in linguistics, and Kelly in German. That's a first.

Made some spaghetti (only food left in house) and went for a drive to Evan's to let him borrow a book. Nice weather ... rode with windows down and sunroof open listening to music loud ... relaxing. So many people, so many cars... amazing really. Ants. That's what I always think why I fly and the houses all get small but I'm also starting to think of humans as ants just walking around campus. Still, I want to meet more of those ants... people all have interesting qualities. Some people's are just harder to find I think.

Evan, Quan, Mark, etc. live in the same apartment that Brian Lenz, Mark, etc. lived last year... crazy.

Suppose I should do German homework now ... did my linguistics earlier before bringing the book to Evan.

I even got some LJ work done today on campus before class. I need to find a professor to "sponsor" that as independent study ... Kenji did it with his paintin', afterall.

8:30 class tomorrow (just Monday and Wednesday) ... I'll sleep early again. I could get used to this. Waking up early is kinda cool.