October 3rd, 2001



My note to Motivation worked! It's back in full effect, and it brought with it friends ... Energy, Happiness, Purpose.

Was it the nachos I wonder? Is that what Motiviation wanted? I bet it was! :P

School's cool. I'm really liking my schedule and classes.

Worked on my LJ todo list today during class... lot of things started clicking. Working on implementing them now while Motivation is still around. But first... must go get more nachos! (only food in house)


Bad-ass day. Can't think of a single thing which has been less than awesome.

Chuck and I are off to play Frisbee at the Space Needle now. Come join us!
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seattle center with chuck was fun
good frisbee
security guards were watching us play
sat by fountain
talked to dude working booth ...
bargained with him for lower prices.
we didn't get him down low enough.
the former booth manager got fired for looking at porn.
came back and did more LJ
very productive/fun/happy day

sleep now ... homework I can do tomorrow.