October 5th, 2001



1 week down, 19 to go.

Things I've been forgetting to post:

Got on the wrong bus yesterday. Took me awhile to notice, too ... it kept going north and never turned east. So I ended up walking 3.5 miles home. It was relaxing.

There's a guy in my German class that gets downright angry whenever he's called on to speak. Our teacher will ask him to repeat something or answer a question and he'll just get mad and say, "i'll write it down instead". It's starting to get funny.

There's a girl in my German class that I was partners with on the first day... she's really nice, attractive, etc., but every day she's getting another few layers of makeup on her face and progressively sluttier outfits. I discussed this with Chuck and he proposed that she's in a sorority and she's slowly getting sucked in and that other girls take turns doing each other's make-up or something. Indeed, today in response to "Wo wohnst du?" from the teacher she answered "A Sorority!". Good German there. Better answer would've been "Ich wohne in ein Bitcheshaus!".

Kelly skipped German today ... tssk tssk.

My partner for German everyday has been this dude Michael. He's cool. Yesterday he asked me if I'd taken Math 124. I said I hadn't, having started with 126. So today I walk into class and him and this other girl are working on a problem ... the first thing I hear when I walk in is, "But Brad would know!". I got scared... it's been years since I did Calculus stuff. But I was able to help him with everything. Felt good ... I didn't think I remembered that much.

My German's coming back fast too ... I'm glad I took 111 (101 + 102, for non-UWers).

I want to learn French and Italian too. If I had an infinite amount of time I'd learn everything (including meeting everybody, since there's so much to be learned and experienced from other people). But time is limited, so we select optimal subsets of what to learn and who to meet ... but what's optimal? I wish I knew the heuristics I use subconsciously to select what I learn, where "what I learn" is basically equivalent to "what I find interesting enough to be motivated enough to learn". Lots of things I think I should learn but just don't. Um, I forget my point now. I thought this was going to go somewhere.

I've been talking to more people, though. I've been starting lots of random conversations with guys lately but starting conversations with girls is still intimidating because I fear they'd think I was just trying to hit on them. I like languages like Spanish and German that have a formal vs. informal distinction when addressing people. However, I think all languages should have a "Don't worry, I don't want to fuck you" mode of addressing people. :P

Ah yeah ... Coolio's Fantastic Voyage just came on (random playlist). So uh, it's the weekend. Bad ass. Mariners game tomorrow. Guitar. Programming. Relaxin'. Yea'.

Shit yea'

Going home next weekend to pick up some stuff (hope it ships in time) and I found out nick will be in town too ... so we can play guitar together and shit.

And Nick's finally 21 so we can go out to bars and not leave him at home. He said I've got "game like Atari" ... I think that means I'll be getting all the chicks cause Pong is the bomb. :-P

And also --- we found out mrwiz and amygirl are engaged. So now Nick and I are getting "Brad & Nick Productions" back together, tenatively planning the gift and bachelor party. Heheheh.