October 14th, 2001


Can you top candlelight poetry?

Wow, what a wonderful night. Nick and I headed downtown armed only with a bag of quarters for MAX (light rail) and Megan's phone number. Who's Megan? We didn't know. But she's in Portland and what reason was there not to meet up, get coffee, walk all around the city, drink at a couple places, then go back to her place for scrabble and poetry by candlelight?

Okay, that last part sounds cheesy and I don't remember how it got started but it was great fun. Hopefully Megan will post at least some of the poems tomorrow. Funny stuff. We were taking turns writing them and orating each others. I think Nick might've even had one that was good too... definitely his Spanish one. :)

We missed the last MAX going back to Beaverton. Megan said we were welcome to stay there - and it would've been nice - but Nick feared the wrath of his parents so we took a $26 cab back to the Park & Ride instead. But it's all good.

Yes, we'll definitely have to do this all again sometime.

My afternoon in comparison was boring, but in summary:
-- went running
-- at end of run, stopped at nick's
-- played basketball
-- went home, showered, played guitar with nick
-- went out. see above.

Other tidbits:
-- two people wanted to fight me. the first one I somewhat instigated (don't flip off drunk people looking for conflict) but the second one was random. he overheard Nick and I talking and must have misheard me and thought I was talking trash about him.
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