October 18th, 2001


Messy room = sad

Evan came over to build servers with me. Look at this messy room now. So sad. It was perfectly clean a day or two ago. I hate hardware and boxes.

Nobody to talk to online and nothing to do, so I think I'll shower & sleep. So exciting.

CONTEST: How many computers do you see in the picture?

Mr. Body and I

My body tried to wake up at 7:30 this morning. I said, "Body, uh-uh. Don't even think you're going to get away with 7 hours of sleep. Fall back asleep." It did, but then woke up at 9:30. The alarm was set for 10:30 but I think 9 hours is enough. I had tons of very cool and very fucked up dreams so I'll forgive Mr. Body for only sleeping 9 hours.

Mr. Body and I have an interesting relationship. We fight a lot ... like, he doesn't know this quite yet but I have no food to put in his belly. I could give a damn but he's quite picky about those things. But he'll get me back... he'll demand we go running tonight even though I tell him we're sick and can't, but this happened Tuesday also and everything turned out okay. Mr. Body's also pissed off that there's no Ms. Body to keep him warm at night but I give him tons of blankets instead and that makes it a little better. It must have been more than okay because he gave me the aforementioned fucked up cool dreams. However, they contained within them some womens, so I'm thinking he's trying to tell me something. Damn tricky Mr. Body being all clever and shit. Tonight he gets no blankets.

I'm going to go clean Mr. Body now in Mr. Warm Shower. He'll like that.
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Spittin' Rhymez

Megan was wanting me to write more poetry and I was like, "no." but then walking to the bustop the words just started coming out and I couldn't stop 'em. I put the pen to the paper once I got on the bus and this is what came out:

Ode to Mah Boogers
Many a rocket of snot from this nose I do blow.
Then land in the sink, the carpet, I never quite know.
The sniffling and wiping on sleeves is all quite useless.
I could try anything with it still making a mess.

Thank you, thank you. It's just wonderful ... no need to compliment me. I don't really blow my nose on the carpet, either. That's gross, you disgusting piece of shit.


great conversations with whitaker and revjim tonight.

whitaker randomly sent me this url (maybe it was related to some conversation?) ... makes me miss a few of those people that i haven't talked to in awhile. but more than anything it makes me happy that i'm still in contact with as many of them as i am.

have i done anything productive tonight? no, of course not. oh well.

earlier i went running again with brendan and eli joined us too. we did 3 miles in 19 minutes. rather than going faster, we should work on going further at the same pace.

can't wait until school's done. i can't wait to be at home and realize there's nothing i have to do. at least with a real job (should i actually get one... don't want to) i'd go home relaxed. with LJ only I'd still be pressured to work a little all the time, but it's not as bad as school.

we need teleporters. there are a dozen people i want to be here or i want to be there.

guess i'll work for a few hours since i have nothing else to do. i'd read my book but i think that's my bus/wait-for-bus activity now. it's made bus rides real peaceful.

was gonna say some other stuff but they're longer and better in another post. this is random post.