October 19th, 2001



I was on a boat with somebody but it was broken, then some other person got on board and fixed it, then we were going 100 mph through fog and stuff out in the middle of the ocean and trying to avoid hitting other people's boats.

That was fun. I wanna go back out on the boat. It was so comfy in the bed. It's cold and raining now. Oooh, but I got breakfast food now. Shit, gotta rush ... need to get on the bus soon.

Clarification: It was a pirate ship, not like a tiny little speed boat. And the boats we were dodging were like litte dingies and stuff. We could've just plowed over them but that would've been mean.

suck me

(15:27:07) scott: you going to the career fair coming up?
(15:27:12) brad: sure
(15:27:13) brad: when?
(15:27:14) brad: where?
(15:27:17) brad: i need a career
(15:27:21) scott: me too :(
(15:27:21) brad: thinking maybe a wet nurse
(15:27:25) scott: hmmm
(15:27:32) brad: i'd love to get my nipples sucked on all day
(15:27:58) scott: i'm thinking you would need more experience, unless you're looking for an entry level position :P

School was rushed. Chuck said our math wasn't due until next week sometime. It was due today. I had to rush to learn and finish it, then turn it in. I ran to catch a bus. The driver complemented me on making it.

I have a billion work-related things to do now. Debating how to start.