October 20th, 2001


whoa, money.

cleaning up my room after the last week of server buildin' and i found a check for $501.52 from rode. kenji or chuck must have brought it in ... mike paid me back for all the crap I had to pay for myself in 5251. so the money is mine, but i never expected to get it back so it feels like an extra $500.

score. thanks, mike!


blythe picked me up to help her shop for digital cameras. the one she wanted wasn't in stock. i looked at mp3 players very briefly. came back home. working. need to fold laundry.

talking with myself

brad1: is there anything better then than chicken?
brad2: fried pre-born scrambled chicken!
brad1: oh yeah. with hot seasoning stuff.
brad2: word.

i've been walking around the house laughing at stuff. everything's funny. except homework. i hate homework. do i have any? don't think so. word.

working on LJ stuff.

cleaned my room earlier ... so nice now. still a lot of crap. need to get rid of this huge fawking server. oh, should fold my laundry too.

i want a fire. and flannel blankets. need wood.

i love/hate computers. but whenever i hate them i find the problem then i love them again, but then usually i'm disappointed they even had the problem in the first place. always the result of some stupid person/decision somewhere.

so many people disappoint me. but so many people don't, so that's good. i just need to meet more of that latter group.

my fingers are cold. i was wearing socks on my hands earlier. it was hard to play the piano. i need stylin' gloves.

turning down invitations to do shit left and right today ... i want to be productive. yes yes. must.

i keep hoping nicoal and megan show up unannounced and kill my productivity. that'd rule.

hot chocolate time! hot cup'll warm fingers.

house to myself

chuck and kenji are at a party i could've gone to, but instead i'm chillin' wit' myself! oh yes ... folded laundry, waiting for an incredibly huge rsync job to finish, tripping up the stairs, made some hot chocolate, playing guitar fucking loud ... good stuff.

best trick to start playing guitar at the same time as a song:

$ sleep 3 && xmms -p

movie time!

couldn't decide between wild things, romeo & juliet, and thomas crown affair ... went with wild things. haven't seen it in ages. i think i might've only ever seen it once. i need more DVDs.