October 21st, 2001


today's plan

-- do linguistics
-- make lunch
-- do german
-- start more laundry
-- practice guitar
-- run
-- clean inbox
-- work on LJ
-- sleep

3:55: done with german.
3:57: no linguistics homework: test on monday instead.
4:24: ate, but can't find guitar practice book anywhere. grr.

must... resist... nap...

I have the desire to wrap up in blankets and take a quick nap. Knowing the average length of my "quick" naps, though, I must resist the urge. Otherwise I'll wake up at 3am wide awake and totally confused.

If I can stay awake until 9, that should be long enough. Then I'll wake up at 5 am easily.

But this means I'm not running today because I have no energy, which is sad. Running's been fun lately.

Linguistics test tomorrow ... Evan's scared so I guess I should be too. I suppose I'll skim the book and review.

Oh, new item for today's todo list: clean piles of random stuff sitting in corners of my room. I already attacked one of the 8 piles or so.

I cleaned my desktop on my windows machine... had so much old crap. Clean room, clean filesystem = peace of mind.

I should watch another movie too.. yeahyeah.

(wow this post is boring.... I should write deep thoughts next time.)

sleepin' time

I cleaned my room and finished laundry while watching Mulan on DVD. I'd bought some Disney box set at Costco last year or so but still haven't even watched (or seen, ever) half the movies. Disney movies rock.

So, new plan is sleep now, wake up fucking early, then study for linguistics.

I'm bummed that I can't find my guitar folder. I wanted to practice today. Not sure what I'm going to do if I can't find it before my lesson tomorrow.

But who cares... it's sleepin' time.