October 22nd, 2001


study time

good sleep. woke up at 11 pm last night but I told myself to go back to bed and it worked. woke up again at 5 am to shower, make a big breakfast, and clean the kitchen. now I have an hour to study linguistics.

i was going to post some deep thoughts that formed while making breakfast but i realize that everybody will interpret them differently and think they're directed at them when in reality they're directed at nobody. so instead i'll just post something that can offend nobody... this stupid post. hooray!
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hack hack

Linguistics test was pretty easy. He gave us way too much time for it. Evan finished in about 20 minutes and just sat there looking bored. I love glancing over at Evan when people asking retarded questions, or when an obvious computer programmer explains something in geek terminology. I finished the test early and read my book.

Break now. Killing time.

Using gaim & loserjabber from the win2k computer lab on campus using PuTTY to tunnel X to Reflection. From there I telnet to my laptop to work on LJ, reattach my screen, and fire up emacs... emacs on X from laptop to desktop to win2k at school. Neat. Talking to Dormando and Rarah about various stuff.

But mainly I'm working on cleaning my inbox... down from 160 to 93.

Class in 15 minutes or so. Then guitar lessons which I feel like an ass for because I haven't practiced because I can't find my lesson notes book. *sigh*

Drinking tonight at Dante's!

happy happy

How did such an unpromising day turn out so great? This morning at 5:00 all I wanted to do was skip everything and sleep forever.

So let's hope I don't jinx the remainder of the day (which includes drinking at dante's) and I'll review the goodness that was today. If you're here for deep thoughts, come back some other time. This is just a boring recap of the day:

Took the 75 bus. I like it so much more than the 71. Nicer bus, less stops, shorter route, more cute college girls (including the one I talk with at the bustop), and better drop-off location (right by the HUB). The only negative thing: The stop near our house is down at the bottom of the hill. But it's all good when you drive and leave your car at the bottom of the hill! :P Yeah, I'm lazy, but who cares? I love driving. I love my car. I miss summer jobs where I had to drive to & from work. Just that 3 minute drive in the morning started my day out nice.

Linguistics: said this already, but the test was easy. And in the second hour he let us out early. I walked around with Evan and got coffee. Girl coffee, at least (as Evan says). I don't get coffee often. Math was comprehensible, now that I've read the book. But I read my book during math anyway ... she went a little slow. Better to multitask and get more done. Idle bad.

On my break I got a bunch of LJ stuff done and cleaned my inbox.

German: relaxed. I love that class. My previous German classes were nothing but vocab. This one is everything but vocab. We're learning tons of grammar which is what actually interests me.

I caught the 75 going home. Class gets out at :20 and it leaves its terminal at :21 but it takes it awhile to snake around campus with all the people getting out so I was able to catch it, even starting from Denny. I read my book on the way home.

I searched and searched for my lesson book but couldn't find it anywhere. As a result, though, my room has been cleaned thoroughly many times now and I've found tons of other stuff back including but limited to: my spare car key, some CDs, tons of junk now thrown away, and another bra of Blythe's, this one found in the trunk(!) of my car. It turns out I left my book at the music shop and he'd picked it up for me, apologizing for not calling and letting me know... I guess he'd remembered and proceeded to forget every day. Oh well. We worked on fun stuff. He quizzed me on some older stuff we'd gone over and I remembered it all, so hooray.

Rainy coat
I wore last year's coat to lessons because it was raining quite a bit and rain slides off it better than my new one. I really like it still, which means I have two coats in my wardrobe. Hooray for actually having a "wardrobe" now. I like having clothes. I should go shopping more.

Coming out of my lesson I discovered it had got nice and sunny. Very cool. And the drive back home was nice.

Back home...
Relaxed. Room is spotless from all the cleaning this week. No big homework. Only one class tomorrow. Drinking tonight. Going to work on LJ and my inbox now.