November 1st, 2001


in other news

* ext3 rules: tune2fs -i -0 -c 0 -j /dev/hdan; emacs /etc/fstab; reboot. done.

* i can do 55 situps now in 60 seconds.

* i mailed a girl in my german class about stuff i'd missed the other day when i had to skip. we talk before class everyday (both have hour breaks and get there early) so i figured emailing her was okay. but today she didn't talk to me and seemed intently distant ... i think i creeped her out. kinda sad. but i realize now i found her email address from the UW LDAP server (which allows complicated querying), whereas the web page LDAP interface allows only search by dept, or last name, or email. i only knew her first name. yeah, i'm the stalker i guess. heh.

I suck

I did terrible in German today. I didn't study yesterday.

I mailed my guitar teacher, telling him I quit because I suck.[1]

I'm going to sleep and do homework later.

Or not do homework later, probably. And I'll probably screw up my math midterm tomorrow, just because everything's going so well.

Brendan, Eli ... don't think I'm running today again. Just don't feel like it.

[1] No... not because I suck at playing. Because I suck at spreading myself out too thin and not putting enough effort into everything I do. Context, people.