November 2nd, 2001


good things

Dinner with sherm (post), katebate (post), evan (post), and bostomsteamer (post). Talked about LJ ... good stuff.

Just got around to doing my German homework.

I love Debian. Can I say this enough? I should make a fan page for it. I've been helping hawk learn Debian. whitaker is now a convert. dormando even likes it now, and he hated it before!

I'm up way too late. At this point I'm already fucked .... I don't think it matters when I sleep.

I have a math midterm tomorrow. Drinking and watching movies tomorrow after that.

hi hi

good day.
drove to school.
rocked math midterm.
nice weather, walked around.
went to german... very relaxed and fun.
went to internap to reboot a server i screwed.
hung out with german buddy, watching spaceballs and drinkin'.
fixed some random LJ stuff.
working on LJ stuff.
listening to music.
talking on AIM.
good day.