November 3rd, 2001



Sometimes I sit at home and
Wonder if she's sitting at home
Thinking of me and wondering if I'm
Sitting at home, thinking about her
Or am I just wasting my time
... *
did some stuff.
went shopping; left wallet at home.
did some more stuff.

i really want to do something but i don't know what.
lots of invitations to do stuff from people. i've declined.
i've invited people to do some stuff. they've declined.

mowed the lawn.
going to internap to work.

i need a new userpic with me looking completely confused. that'd be fitting.


I skipped linguistics all last week.
I'm reading the book now to catch up.
I didn't miss anything.
The book is depressingly retarded.
It assumes the reader is a moron.
Books should teach and inform, yes.
Books shouldn't treat you like a moron.
I hate you, book.
I hate you, class.

I was considering driving to Portland today. Would've been fun, but I got some things done staying here.

Okay, back to comfy bed to read my 600 page bloated textbook that could express the same concepts in a dual-folding pamphlet.