November 14th, 2001


Dick's and wireless snoopin'

I went to Dick's to get a burger and decided to take my laptop and along with me. Or vice versa ... whatever.

Anyway, I found 4 other base stations beside my own.

But get this ... when I pulled out of my house, the thing was working like a champ, detecting my own signal until I was a bit down the street. When I came home it didn't start detecting until I'd been sitting in my driveway for 5 or 6 seconds.

Which suggests ... I can poll iwconfig as often as I want, but either the driver or the hardware itself is backing off its detection rate, perhaps in effort to save battery power and the strength reported by iwconfig at any given time is likely bogus.

So now what I need to do is research how to change that ... if it's controlled by the driver, that should be not-so-hard. If it's in hardware, I might be screwed. Or, I'll just have to downgrade to war pedaling: laptop in backback, headphones on (connected to laptop) ... biking around neighborhoods ... heh.

Did some research. Looks like I need to force the card into CAM (constant awake/access mode) which'll take 10x the power, but whatever.

More research: drivers/net/wireless/orinoco.c ... dldwd_ioctl_{set/get}power ... prq->flags & IW_POWER_MODE ... looks like it'll be quite easy.

Wait, damn ... iwconfig lets you set it also! Doh! Helps to read man pages ahead of time. heh.

Stupid UW

"The Personal Services are not in service at this time. Please try again during normal operating hours."

Umm .... isn't the whole point of putting shit online so that it can be available 24/7?

It turns out the guitar class I signed up for was for music majors only (but it let me register??) and the one I really want I can't take because it conflicts with the only class I have to take.

So now I want to sign up for "Concert Season", which involves listening to music and doing almost nothing.

But I can't, since the website is sleeping right now.

So, I shall sleep too. For 6 hours at least.


too early/tired/dark/cold
want go back sleepy ... aahhh, nice.
but no.. must go turn in homework & study
wireless decided not to work this morning
no time to debug. using wires.
must go make food & catch bus


8:15 -- turned in linguistics homework
8:17 -- left linguistics
8:25 -- staring at computer in lab, spacing out.
8:30 -- linguistics started
9:08 -- now. still staring at computer.
10:30 -- math will start. i will skip.
12:30 -- german quiz
1:20 -- german'll be over
2:00 -- neighbor girl and i will walk down street together, but not talking because she'll have headphones in again, which is her way of saying "don't talk to me."
2:05 -- home, I'll want to sleep but won't.

I think somewhere in dotdotdot land I need to study, but all I want to do is sleep.

I was the only one in the computer lab at 8:25, but now it's getting CS-y in here. Didn't bring my laptop today (it weighs five hundred pounds) otherwise I'd be in MGH.


Entertain me.

papag:bradfitz $ sanity
161 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes, 1 second

At least it's less than a year.

Update: Great CS quote: "The hardware doesn't know anything about your program. In a demand paged environment, you should always be using binary search!"

I hate school.


I have so many good ideas.
If only I wasn't so {tired | stressed | depressed} always.
Then I could actually get to them.

Must force myself to eat.
Too tired to make anything or go anywhere.
Never did get that nap in.


took a 3 hour nap.
kinda confused now.
still hungry... i'll go make food.

maybe i'll watch tv, then... that's easy.
no, scratch that, nothing good's on.
DVD? naah, seen 'em all.

aaaaaaaa. boooored.


CS mailing list:
Tell them we like em bunches and get more. :)


On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Erik Lundberg wrote:

> I just wanted to let you know that we have to consolidate most of the
> new flat panel monitors and place them in the Sieg 231 lab for a
> couple of days (for a visit from Intel, who donated the new 1.3GHz
> boxes and the flatpanels). This will probably take place on Thursday
> morning, and the flat panels will be returned to their original
> locations over the weekend.
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> - Erik
Not sure which part is funnier. :-) In other news from checking my CS mail account (all department spam), is that my wireless account is setup. "When the host is on line, it can be addressed by name as However, the name is unknown when the host is off line or loses contact with DHCP server." Bad ass.

In other (non-computer) news, I made a sandwich. And now that I have energy again, I'm comtemplating making real food, though I'm pretty much out of supplies.

I guess I'll work on the assassins judge. It should've been done by now anyway.