November 15th, 2001


Must ... resist ... decided to spam me, trying to sell me herbal supplments to make me "tingle all over".

Curious that they have an IP in their URL, I check their website, running on DSL. It says "Secure order form" ... a lie. It's just HTTP, and they take credit card numbers.

This _so_ pisses me off.

They're running Windows and tons of services, which all report their version numbers. One of which is Serv-U, notoriously buggy. And at least one DoS is available to kill 2.5e remotely. I wish I was evil enough to do it.

Too bad there isn't one to kill their mail server. Well, I didn't check. That wouldn't be immoral would it? Stopping a spammer? :P

*sigh* Stupid internet.


Aaron, Kelly ---what's our German homework today?

I left my syllabus at home. I came to campus 3 hours early for my "1 hour graduation appointment" which took 15 minutes. But damn are those CS advisors hot. I just don't get it.


I'm kinda embarassed to be graduating from this department.
Sitting in the CS lounge now... what dorks.
I should've double majored.
I could stay another year or half year and do it.
If only I'd planned this all out ahead of time.