November 17th, 2001


Time to start my day!

Had a nice little 7 hour nap there from 6:30 until now.
Now I'm hungry.
Time for breakfast.
But I have no food.
Off to Safeway, with my hair all sticking up.
Then I'll pay bills, clean room, merge patches.


so somebody i emailed earlier mailed me back and read my journal (hi!). unfortunately it's not too interesting. (sorry)

i bought food and ate! i now have eggs, bread, bagels ... score.

ya know, i realized the solution to seattle's traffic problem: 24/7 everything. screw the whole night time = sleep time thing. when i was out grocery shopping it was awesome: i was the only one on the streets.

never did get around to cleaning my room. whatever.

okay, back to work. interesting post, eh?


There's a cat outside my window screaming/crying/whatever. I don't know cats but it doesn't sound happy. Scared the crap out of me until I realized what it was. Aahhhh... it's still doing it and it's still scary. Go away kitty, go home... find food and warmth.

misc things

i've been up since 1:30.

today is apple cup day. note to self: do not try to drive anywhere today.

i went to internap about an hour ago. it was a nice drive. i think i should do this sleeping schedule all the time! i could be a morning person ... lot of interesting things happen in the morning to watch: sun rising, people starting their day, ... um, probably other stuff.

okay, getting kinda tired now. i guess i'll nap for a bit and wake up later.

lot of good shit happening "at work" lately. innodb might be working! i've found two bugs in it and sent in two bug reports. finnland & sweden dudes be fixin' it all. score.

i found a shirt back that i'd been missing. i'm doing laundry now. i washed my blankets. i opened up the washing machine and they were just about dry already. magic material, apparently.

i love reading germans posting on the mod_backhand mailing list. so cute. :P well, interesting. i found my "learn german" CDs back. they have games. i'm going to play games and learn more vocab.

sleep = good

today's really kicked ass. lots of sleep is good.

my blankets are so comfy and nice smelling now. i need to wash the rest of my bedding and other laundry now. out of laundry soap stuff... off to the store again.

i went to internap again earlier, even though i told myself not to drive anywhere. yeah, well, football traffic got me. getting on I-5 from downtown seattle was backed up, all because of football. stupid seattle. stupid sporting events. everybody should walk there or watch it on TV. but i'm a hypocrite: i could've taken the bus downtown. but i love my car! and it loves me. i need to wash it again. it always gets dirty. i think it wants a garage. i want a garage too. i want lots of money sometime. that could buy me a garage, maybe with a house attached too.

i'm going to go stand on our roof and look for pretty stuff in the sky. i better see something because it's cold out there. i need gloves! i want more clothes in general. i have tons now, but i want more. i think i'm about 8 years late or so into discovering the fun that comes from buying clothes.

oh, i got $300 back from the state of oregon because they collected too much taxes from people or something. score. i'll buy an mp3 player now, then i'll run more often, because music will keep me company.