November 18th, 2001


Me for God? Damn straight.

From this entry:
Who's ever thought of electing a new god? I bet if we did it, that bitch up there would have to fall out of her throne and the new god we elected would take over. But the current god is just a bitch so she's done everything in her power to make sure we don't vote on a new god. So far the only candidates we came up with were bradfitz because he'd be a really cool god, and hell could just be him and evan in drag, and then Snoop Dog, because he'd have a large following. So that's my life goal now. Figure out how to set up a world-wide election for a new god.

In other news, today I've mowed the lawn, vacuumed, and worked on LJ. Not much God-like unfortunately.

She/her/she (was: Misc)

I think "Misc" is the best subject ever. It's so unrestrictive. I can say whatever I want now and I'm not getting off-topic.

So let's do it![1]

I went to Safeway to get food. On the way out the door, Chuck mentioned he has a date tonight. Yay for Chuck. I want a date. I suppose a prereq for getting a date is talking with girls, but whenever I meet a girl I think is interesting, I think 20 steps ahead about why it wouldn't work anyway, without ever getting to know her. And then there are the girls I just want to meet (without intentions of a relationship) because they seem cool, but I'm afraid of talking to them too much because they'd suspect I was hitting on them. Befriending guys is so much easier because there's no confusion about intentions. Ya know, screw this... I've talked about this all before.[2]

I refrain from discussing girls in my journal because all but one of the girls I'd write about read LJ and would know I'm talking about them. But maybe if I only talked about them all together, and addressed them all only as "She" and "her", without suggesting which was which, and switching between them at random?

I could say things like: She's cool, but we're not compatible. We'd be good friends, though. I thought she was cool, but then I learned more about her. She's cool and we're totally compatible but lives in the wrong state. Besides, she has a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is wrong for her and she knows it, but she stays with him, so I don't know something. Why does she hit on me so often? Then there's her friend, who I've known forever, but that'd be weird (though nice). Could've happened before, or with her friend. I don't want that anyway, because I really want a long relationship with her. She's interesting, but I think she's smarter and more cultured than me. I'd feel intimidated. I'd ask her to go do something, but I think he likes her, and I don't know how I like her, or if I do. She's intriguing, but too different, too much of a pothead? I should meet her. We talk a lot.

How many different people am I talking about? It doesn't matter. Hell, I lost count while writing that. 8? So many interesting people, in any case.

Clarification update: I'm not saying I'd like to date all these people. I'd like to know them. There is only one I'd like to date, though I know there are tons of potential problems with it, and one I could see myself dating, if I knew her more.

I'm going to see Monsters Inc. with Chuck and April before Chuck goes on his date. We're leaving in about 10 minutes.

I have a linguistics test tomorrow, but I'll study later or something. Like I give a damn about my grade in there, or anywhere.

I'm thinking more and more of going to Germany in the spring. I had a dream that she told me I was too stupid and wouldn't survive there. Heh. We'll see how things work out with her[3] and what I end up doing.

[1] Subject was "Misc", but I changed it after I found a better subject.

[2] I'd go find the old post but LJ sucks and doesn't let you search and I have no local copy of my journal to search because LJ sucks and nobody's finished a good syncitems backup client.

[3] See she/her paragraph.


movie was good.

but now i have to go to internap again (3rd time in last few days?) to work on something.

i should be studying, but screw it ... tons of other people can study tonight. but who can go to internap tonight? exactly.

will I ever be able to move away from seattle? :-(


Trip to internap was mildly successful, I guess.

Didn't end up doing any studying today. Test tomorrow morning at 8:30. Guess I'll study on the bus.


Update: Other stuff I realized I forgot to do: pay bills, iron some of my shirts, put up the assassins beta test (it's been finished for a long time), ... okay, now i'll really sleep.
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