November 19th, 2001


good day

I went to all my classes. I did pretty well (I think) on my linguistics midterm.

I read ahead in my German book, pretty much until the end. On the bus on the way home I started reading the 26 page dictionary. I got about a page and a half done. I won't remember everything, but every bit helps, and it made the bus ride go quicker and now if I cool words like 'abgelegen', 'ablösen', and a ton of other words starting with a.

Walking across Red Square today, I counted exactly two other besides myself that were not carrying umbrellas or wearing hoods.... out of probably a hundred or so people. Maybe I should get an umbrella. Am I really missing out?

I explored Denny Hall today, after Thai food and before German. Good explorations. Thai food kicked my ass again... 15 minutes before German was over my stomach was hating me. But it's so good!

I missed my bus going home. I was waiting for the 75 and watched the 71 bus go right by. It took me 10 minutes to realize the 75 wasn't late, but rather I was stupid. So I went on a walk and found the 75, but I missed it too (It pulled out 10 seconds after I spotted it, but I couldn't run across traffic and make it). So I took another bus.

I have nothing important tomorrow or Wednesday. I should start my vacation today. Dante's tonight!