November 22nd, 2001


es regnet

nothing's more fun than hydroplaning at 80 mph surrounded by 3 other cars, all kicking up so much water that the road is invisible and you have to rely on driving towards the car in front's taillights.

multiple times.

no, seriously. it was fun. :P

the drive was quick. played cole some pool when i got here. we're tied up.

plugged in the wireless. ahyeah. working on getting my USB CD-R working with linux. there's a driver for it in the official kernel source. neat.

getting tired. so much stuff i need/want/should do, though.

Fun with family

I got woken up early this morning by Cole playing a flute or something annoying. He lives to make noise and move around a lot... he doesn't even have to think about doing it, it comes automatically.

My mom was wondering who weighed the most out of my dad, my brother, and me. We all weighed the same, exactly, down to the half pound. We thought that was bullshit, so we tested it on a different scale: same result. Craziness. My dad's got an inch on Ryan and I though. We blame my mom's shortness.

I'm starving. They won't let me snack yet. I'm supposed to wait for The Meal or something. Feh. More Dr. Pepper it is.

I played myself a game of pool. No skillz. I used to be somewhat good I thought. I seem to be getting worse everytime I play. Need practice.

fitzpatrick thanksgiving

So, Cole thought it'd be neat to make bets on who gained the most weight after eating. So we all weighed ourselves afterwards ... dad +1.5 lb (including much liquid), cole +1.0, ryan and I +0.5, mom -2 (!?). Not sure how that worked.

Then Cole weighed himself after taking a shit and he gained weight. I think the scale is retarded, or Cole can't hold still on the scale long enough for it to take an accurate reading (more likely). :)

Now we're all going in the hot tub.

Nick .... pool!