December 2nd, 2001


wooty do dooty boopie bop ba dop


(bullet) Home Depot has dies extendsion cords that be da bomb ... they caleld "Slender cords" and are 1/2" deep and angled so you can plug two into two outlets by each other and still mount rails an inch in front of them without crimpoing the cable... and there are 3 plugs at the end of the cord, with no on/off switch to accidentally hit! I BOUGHT HOME DEPOT'S WHOLE SUPPLY. Mwa hah hah.

(bullet) work wait, that wasn't cool. that was a day replay item. the title of this post is COOL THINGS O' THE DAY. get it fucking together, yo. sorry.

(bullet) lacking internet, roomies and i watched 80% of goonies on dvd (from pal whitaker... thanks again!). talked with dina for a long time in the middle... funny stories, but too long and with too much required context ot relay here. PROCEED:

(bullet) The TROWELHOUSE DRUNKFEST 2001 was mad the fuck cool. I think everybody there was very cool and I think I could spend days with each one of them being happy and having intelligent and fun (even drunken) conversations.

(bullet) at&t bitch slapped exite @home and said, 'yoyo we offered yo' pansy asses $407 million but if yo' stock holders dont' wannts it and are gonna shut down srevice for our friendly customers, we'ze gonna build ours own network and DHCP theys asses over to us so yous aint gonna get shit.. no tears, no $407 capitals ems. ya hear?' and so we cometh back from the drunkeness and dhcp saves us, bringing us into the network that is 12.228.*. thank you, AT&T!

(bullet) and now, i sleep. what do i have to do tmoorrow? nothing. both my german and math i did last thurs night for friday are actually due monday, so i have no homewokr score score score score score hellyah



So net access goes out (again... go AT&T!), so computers at home are useless. I sorted and threw away crap from two huge misc bins I have. Productive, kinda.

But there was work to be done, so I went to campus. My laptop won't turn on. (even with power, thanks, I thought of that) I can't get shit done now. The computers in OUGL are all taken with huge lines and the computer labs in the CS building are full of loud, stupid, annoying losers I want to beat the shit out of, and will if I say any longer.

So fuck all this.

I'm going to go bowl & drink with Mobley, Patrick, etc.

In good news, my MP3 player is due to arrive tomorrow. I'm tempted to skip all my classes so I can be at home for its arrival.
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