December 4th, 2001



Dante's hat mir Spass gemacht. (immer)
Warum versuche ich?
Ich weiss ungefähr 20 Wörter.
Aber mehr als 20, aber nur 0.01% Prozent auf Kompetenz.
Was soll ich mit meinem Leben tun?
Ich habe keine Idee.
Es war, so einfach zu sein.
Ich wollte dies Schreiben auf Deutsch nicht machen.

Dante's was fun.
Going to bed now.
MP3 player on bus tomorrow: hooray or something.


I was awoken at 8:40am by Dell, saying they were coming before noon to fix my laptop.

It's now 11:38 and they haven't arrived yet.

My bus leaves at 11:47. I guess I have to skip German today. :-(

Deshalb kann ich mein MP3-Player auf dem Bus nicht benutzen.


I called the lady that called me this morning. She's running late. Wonderful.

I'm bored.

My mom got infected by this. Her justification: "but it was from somebody I know." *sigh*

I can't wait until more and more important shit is bound to computers: like standardized protocols/APIs for banking. Then viruses could really do some damage. Imagine a virus that gave away all your money to random people.

I think I'll go make some spaghetti, hoping it gives me energy, then I'll clean my room up[1]. Yes, I'm still wearing the same shirts from last night. I did shower and change other clothes, though. :)

[1] Yay for phrasal verbs!

No laptop

So she came and fixed my display, but not the motherboard. Evidently, Dell filed two tickets with one fix item each, rather than 1 ticket with two items to fix. So she has to come back tomorrow or later today to fix the motherboard.

I'd really like a working laptop.
I'd really like a working cable modem.
I'd really like school to be over.
I'd really like InnoDB to not segfault, hang, and suck.
I'd really like some motivation and direction.

I made spaghetti. (heh... had to uncapitialize that.) Now I have a billion things to do, but none of them ending in an immediate benefit, so it's hard to get started on anything.

Yesterday was easy: everything I had to do was to fulfill some prereq of another goal. My mp3 player arrived. I went home to get it. I wanted to update its firmware but had no net access. I went to Evan's to get a modem. But first I needed gas to get there. I had to setup ppp for the modem to work. I had to setup ipmasq for windows machine to have net access. etc, etc. I didn't get much done, but what little I did accomplish was meaningful.

Today I have the potential to get so much done, but have it not feel like anything.

So I guess it's time to get started.....

clean room (it'll get messy later)
do homework (school isn't over until mar. 24th)
work on DB shit (so innodb guy can fix problems, fix not available for few days at best)

Running today, Brendan? Or too tired? mp3 player and I will run otherwise.

Hah ... I emailed my dad, telling him my mom infected herself. His reply: "Aren't you proud of your mother, installing programs all by herself? :)"

Stupid AT&T

Whenever I call a big company with an intricate voicemail system, I always fire up a text editor or grab a piece of paper and record my navigation so it's easier the next time.

I've got AT&T Broadband down as:

1 (touch tone phone)
3 (product support)
2065244294 1 (yes, correct)
2 (having problems)

At that point, it plays a long non-interruptable message about unplugging all your shit and plugging it back in. Yes, thanks, wish that worked. Or, stay on the phone for the next customer care specialist, or whatever.

"I will no connect you...."


I've tried four times now. There's no hope. I foresee modem usage for a long time. I see the same behavior whether I plug a Windows machine, Linux machine, or Linksys router into the cable modem... DHCP works, but can't ping my gateway. Just verifying they don't block the Linksys MAC address ranges, I changed that too, and then I got a new IP address, but the same broken gateway and network mask.



Went running with my mp3 for the first time. It's nice ... the beat keeps the pace. Most the time, that is. Some songs with bizarre rythms just don't work at all.

I tried calling AT&T again.

Try 1: busy
Try 2: busy
Try 3: got through to some man, who transferred me to tech support: busy.
Try 4: busy
Try 5: busy
Try 6: got through to some lady, who said that's a tech support issue. I asked what I called. She said "customer service". (even though I'd navigated through the menus to "my service is fucked", which you think might transfer me to tech support automatically?). this lady also gave me the "direct" number to tech support. transferred: wait on hold 5 minutes listening to Musak: then turns busy.
Try 7: (now to tech support) busy
Try 8: wait for 5 minutes, music stops.

I fucking give up.