December 6th, 2001


MP3-Players machen mir Spass!

La la ...
Need to wake up early tomorrow to study, do homework, and order crap.
Sleep is good.

Oh, I forgot to mention how much I love my mp3 player....
Walking around campus is so cool with music playing.
Today I listened to:

Weezer - Blue
Björk - Homogenic
BV3K - Discosis
misc Eminem & 2pac

Part of my morning routine is now going to be loading new music for the day. :-)

Chuck ordered his today. For people that only read my journal sporadically:

Go buy one.


Nothing sucks more than going to bed nice and early, only to be awoken in the middle of the deepest part of your sleep because your fucking website broke.

I want to cry.
Give me back my sleep.


Somebody is using a chainsaw right next door.
Since 9:00am or so.
I haven't done my homework.
I haven't studied for my German interview thing.
I didn't order that stuff.
I didn't eat breakfast.

7 days?

my wonderful day

12:00am --- go to bed.
3:15am -- get woken up
4:15am -- go to bed
9:00am -- get woken up by chainsaws
9:30am -- do my homework poorly
10:48am -- miss my bus
10:50am -- my car is blocked in, have to have chainsaw men move their truck. speed to school.
11:00am -- study for german interview
11:25am -- meet with partner for first time for german interview
11:30am -- german interview. not great. not terrible.

People are mad at me.
People are sad at me.
People are ignoring me.


oh, and i have a tooth hurting. cavity? :-(

good nap

I finally got some good sleep in there.

Plan, now:
-- spaghetti & iced tea
-- memorize stuff for test tomorrow
-- hack the planet
-- sleep more