December 9th, 2001


okay so

like, here's the ob-lig-a-tor-y drunken post.... party was fun. it was a lot of people's birthday. i knew danny and tony and i think it was michael's too. i knew michael from em3. he lived with alan, who i saw there and impressed with my knowledge of absolutely nothing and everything. tons of fun betrunken conversations. props to mah peeps! evan... drove me home! mark... for being my dream acid dealer! meena.. .naked people in her tie, not a lesbian says she! tony... happy 22nd thanks for the beer ride! danny... your 21st, again? michael... em3 rephraszent! sarah... stop poking me, stalker! leigh... i totally think lee would be easier to spell do you know how long it took me to rememory it has h and gs in it? at0m... long time no see. nice sweater.. fucking liar you didn't knit it yourself. gina... hi, never met you. alan, oregon coast in Da house! faith... did ya like mah dancin'? also, nice green hair. brendan... bitch, i can't think of anything creative. you wanna fight? joe... lookin' so sauve and shit. amber, you forehead is sooo not salty like those frorirtos thingies but i'll make up with it all night long anyway. yay for NaCl! oh, i forgot to give love for tony's mad skillz running up and down the steps with me. fun stuff. oh... other people to show up: elizabeth and callie and two other friends: but why'd you leave so soon and without saying goodbye? no love! jeff... kernel hack wizzzard'!

between today and yesterday's parties, i've met a lot of really nice girls. i can ever remember their names! but i don't have their nubmers or anything, no, but whateva. next time i see them at a party i be all like, yo yo, i seen you at that one party what up? and they all be like, brad, yous so full of shit, i betyo don't even remember my name. to which i reply, oh, buts i did when i wrote the epic post-letzes-party betrunken post. but now's i alls forgotten, please have pity on me of forgotten memory and they alls be like, yes yes... i have pity, it's okay. CEPT .. that didn't happyen at that one party on 21st awhile back... girl talked to me for like 30 minutes then at the end asked, "do you even remmber my name?" i didn't. i so lost. she wasn't amused. i just laughed. stop telling 30 minutes stories to me when i'm drunk, yo... it's your own damn fault i didn't remember you name, i had to remember the details of that 30 minute story. at kellys' party gestern some chick meoko told me some story of rich going back to st. louis that went on forever, but i remember her name. she was mad drunk. i asked if she went up in that elevator parabolic arch thing.. she had.. she like the elevator tippiness also.

NIGHT^2 hat yolfer gesagen. and he was the last one on my boddy list. sad sad. is everybody reallky sleeping? i'm loving my new sleeping schedule. stupid school's gonna fuck it up, though. damn finals next week. but cruise after that! w00t.

okay, so i haven't taken my 985th drunken piss yet so i better go do that. when i came home i made toast in the dark and got some iced tea. iced tea is always good. i think i'll browse the web for awhile before bed because shit's still spinny... not good conditions for sleeping. awake drunk is always better than trying-to-sleep drunk, fo' sho'.

amber is online now. she better keep me company. oh, dormando is also! w00t w00t. one of them better reply. oh, dormando did. he so wins.



(03:19:41) her: oh okay then. you can grab my butt/
(03:19:48) me: tomorrow?
(03:19:50) me: shopping?
(03:20:02) me: haha... you must say yes to one!
(03:20:07) me: and i can take it as either
(03:20:10) me: mea hwha hahahah
(03:21:14) her: hahaha youre so evil.
(03:21:33) me: can we just sit on a bench in the mall and makeout?
(03:21:39) me: behind a fake tree?
(03:21:41) me: nobody would notice
(03:22:02) her: on a mall bench behind a fake tree? youre so romantic.
(03:22:15) me: i'll buy you corndogs!
(03:22:42) her: mmmm corndogs.
(03:22:51) me: slut.
(03:23:03) her: haha
(03:23:08) her: thanks.
(03:23:20) me: anytime. :P

tick tick tick

Sunday.... school looms.
3 days, then 3 finals.

What to do today?

Do laundry, pay bills, study, run, rebuild a dead server, watch some TV, go shopping?

Heh ... retarded.

So our @home connection still wasn't working. The DHCP server gives us a bogus gateway.

I scanned for hosts in our network and found a few other machines up. I then changed our gateway address to them one by one until I found one that was forwarding packets. Ended up being some Windows box. (ICS?)

So now I'm confused... how do they have a route out and we don't? Mystery.

I hope they don't turn off their computer... I'm loving this cable modem thing again. How long will it last? :-)


I wish I knew words to adequately describe my boredom, apathy, and disappointment in everything lately.

I was telling Calliste today: I'll won't ever really learn German. I'll talk about how it'd be neat but I won't do it because I don't read or talk enough. People that speak multiple languages read all the time. I read .. um, never. (mostly because I don't know what to read ... loan me books!)

As an experiment, I watched something like 4 hours of TV today straight. (since I hooked up my TV, I can do this now) I thought the change might be healthy. It wasn't. The unproductivity felt just like I thought it would. The commercials made me sick. I forgot how much I hated businesses and advertising in general. Basic strategy: treat everybody like they're dumb as fuck and you're dumb as fuck. Everybody wants to own every commoditized low-quality piece of shit. I love this society. *sigh*

There were a dozen things I could've done but didn't do a one. No homework. No shopping. No bills. No laundry. No studying. No work.

I'm going to go back to the never-ending adventure that is cleaning my room. The only thing that makes me happy lately is throwing shit away. Whatever that means.


Twice now I've lost my keys and the roommates have found them in the front door. What the fuck is wrong with me?

In sad news, my shoelaces of my favorite shoes have become gimpy .. the outer pretty layer has worn a hole and now slides loosely up and down the strong inner layer.

I asked Chuck if he wanted to play Scrabble but he didn't.

I'm going for a drive. Need to go to the post office to mail a letter.


At 10 I was crawling into bed when I remembered I had linguistics homework... which involved reading several chapters first.

I was kinda cranky about it at first, but I always end up enjoying it. Like this:
By contrast, whether is an interrogative Complementiser which can introduce finite and nonfinite Clauses alike; whereas if is an interrogative Complementiser which can only introduce finite Complement Clauses: cf.
  • I don't know [whether/if I should agree].
  • I don't know [whether/*if to agree]
And how German can start with Complementisers:
Ob Johanna den Wagen verkauft hat?
Whether Joan the car sold has
"Has Joan sold the car?"

Dass mir das nicht früher aufgefallen ist!
That me to no earlier struck is
"To think that it didn't strike me earlier!"
Fun stuff. If only I'd started doing both German and lingustics stuff earlier in college. There were a bunch of classes I took that I'm no more the better for. I wish I could've done fun stuff instead, and maybe double majored.

Anyway ... back to reading & homework. And then sleep! Have to wake up early tomorrow. Last Monday!