December 12th, 2001


Classes are over!

Only 3 finals remain. And really, they shouldn't be too bad.

I played with KDE a bunch more. I have my /nex2 mounted sync now so that the kernel buffer cache doesn't confuse the KDE progress bar and speed meter. Or worse, so I don't unplug the device early, thinking the copy operation is complete. The transfer rate is 160 Kbps. If I copy two files at once, it's exactly half. I used the gphoto2 camera:// KIOSlave and was able to browse my digital camera. The only USB device of mine that I haven't got to work with Linux is my printer, but I haven't even tried. Oh, and look, it works.

I'm going to take a nap now.

No, I'm going to play with Aethera, then I'll take a nap.