December 14th, 2001



That math test was so my bitch. I was like, bitch, you ain't got nothin' on me. Just sit there and be quiet while I scribble pencil lead all over your easy ass.

On the bus on the way home I read 20 pages in my German book. I don't know 80% of the words, but half of those I can infer and half just don't matter... you only really need to understand every tenth word to know what's going on. Language is wonderfully redudant like that. Those other 9 words out of 10 are just details/emphasis. The cool thing is I'll be able to re-read this book a dozen times and keep getting more out of it.

I took the 74 bus home again ... you have to walk up the hill instead of down, but it's worth it: the 74 bus is so much cleaner, less smelly, and more comfy. And it's a 1-piece bus, not a bendy one, so it seems less bouncy and faster. I <3 74 bus.

I mailed a girl in my German class to study with her, but I mailed the wrong person. So now I'm going to mail my German teacher and ask if she can give me her email address.

Oh, did I mention?:
I'm Done With Math For The Rest Of My Life!
heh, yay for CSS. that was my second time ever using it. are you proud?

1 final down, 2 to go.


Ich habe vergessen, zu sagen, dass heute das Wetter ganz wunderbar ist!

I lovelovelove German sentence construction. It makes to me Fun. hehehe.

(I have forgotten, to say, that today the weather totally wonderful is.)

But it is.... the weather's soooo nice today. I think I'll go run.

I mailed my German teacher just a bit ago:

Haben Sie das Email meines Klassenkameradin Marlana? Gestern habe ich vergessen, Deutsch mit ihr zu lernen. Ich habe ein Email aber es ist falsch. Wenn ich es benutze, kontaktiere ich der falschen Mensch.

I'm not sure if it's correct, but I used the genitive case and an adjective ending. HooRAY.

Nope, I did screw it up. Corrected:

Haben Sie die Emailadresse meiner Klassenkameradin Marlana? Gestern habe ich vergessen, Deutsch mit ihr zu lernen. Ich habe eine Emailadresse aber sie ist falsch. Wenn ich sie benutze, kontaktiere ich den falschen Menschen.

Props to my e-german teacher, calliste. :P

"das Email" is "enamel". "die E-Mail" is email, but not an address.

fun stuff

I made Hamburger Helper earlier. (and enough for left-overs tomorrow!)

# deborphan | xargs apt-get --yes remove (especially --yes. :P)

emacs21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like, everything about it.)

update-alternatives, update-rc.d.. (oh hell, all of debian)

KDE. (still impressing the hell out of me)

Sie werden abgefahren sein, bevor ich ankomme. (how cool is that tense? sehr cool. it makes sense once I thought about it, but just seeing it is cool.)

solved my USB problems: switched to my other USB hub in my other identical monitor. (guess monitor on left's hub is broken?)

i'm the bestest studier in the world

Wo sind die Wörter?

(18:50:31) Brad how do you say "ass" ?
(18:50:34) Brad as in, "she has a nice ass."
(18:50:38) Calliste: Po
(18:50:48) Calliste: Sie hat einen netten Po. oder schönen Po
(18:50:49) Brad Sie hat eine nett Po.
(18:50:56) Brad what's gender?
(18:51:00) Calliste: Arsch would be ... really ass
(18:51:02) Calliste: der Po
(18:51:04) Brad ah
(18:51:12) Brad i thought ass would be feminine. :)
(18:51:22) Brad i like my asses feminine, anyway. :)
(18:51:29) Calliste: um... you sure? well I don't know about the women you know!
(18:51:33) Calliste: haha! me too!
(18:51:35) Calliste: lol
(18:51:37) Calliste: anyway
(18:51:46) Brad heh
(18:51:56) Calliste: no, ass is Arsch. Like in asshole - Arschloch
(18:54:27) Calliste: the cheeks are Pobacken. Oder Arschbacken.
(18:55:38) Calliste: Penis - Penis. colloquial - Schwanz. There are tons of more words. Testicles - Hoden. Oder colloquial: Eier. Oder: Sack. Um... crotch: Schritt. (like, Michael Jackson greift sich dauernd in den Schritt)
(18:56:31) Calliste: vagina - Vagina oder Scheide. cunt - Fotze. Spelling not entirely clear, could be Votze too. But never say it. children's word for it: Muschi. Amazingly enough, old people say Muschi to cats too, so it's a bit like pussy, except that it's childish
(18:58:27) Brad Sack. :)
(18:58:57) Calliste: yeah, you can also combine that word and for instance make "Sackgesicht" out of it
(18:59:01) Brad the pussy parallel between english and german is interesting.
(18:59:06) Calliste: I think so too
(18:59:09) Brad testicle face!
(19:00:37) Calliste: yep!
(19:00:41) Calliste: one of the best insults ever
(19:00:46) Calliste: next to Wichser
(19:00:52) Brad rad. mind if i post this conversation for the education of others?
(19:01:03) Calliste: oh btw, you know that "Schwanz" means "tail"?
(19:01:07) Calliste: hee hee... go ahead

La la la

For as much German stuff I did today, I didn't really study for my final much. Whatever. I'm not worried. Compared to the fear of a math/science final, a language final is nothing.

I'm having breakfast tomorrow beforehand with Evan and a classmate of mine. Denny's Grease!

Speaking of Denny's... I've been eating unhealthier lately, and running less. The effects are noticeable. Bleh. I wanted to be in shape for my fun in the sun. I guess I'll run a bunch over the next week. I've noticed it doesn't take me long at all to get in shape (or fall out of shape....)

After the final Sherm and I are meeting up to hand off the goods. (ssssshhhhh....) Best part: I don't have to take the bus home. Mwa hah hah.

Okay, time to sleep, if I can.