December 16th, 2001



I can't focus on working, because I have a final remaining.

I can't study, because I'm too tired.

I can't sleep, because Chuck & Kenji have people over upstairs. The floor is constantly squeaking as they wrestle around on the couch and I can hear the sound from the movie. Asking them to turn it down is ineffective as 1) I can hear the volume at any level, 2) I'd still hear the squeaking from 5 people moving about up there, 3) I'm always the bitch that has to say shutup.

I think 9 months in a house with other people is my limit. That's all the longer I lasted in 5251 before going crazy, and it's been slowing building here as well. This is an incredibly huge step up from 5251, but it's still not my ideal.

Kenji asked me last week if we could have a party at our house sometime. He actually asked me a bunch... few times a day for awhile. I finally said, "yeah, sure, sometime." Then I found out some girl in his class wanted to throw a party here, with a bunch of people we don't know, and they were going to pay us $100 and take care of everything, including cleaning up. Sure. So I said screw that, and Kenji had to mail the girl back saying a roommate of his had changed his mind. Not like I ever changed it, though I never knew what the situation was. Kenji just conveniently forgot to tell me details. Our house is messy enough. Not like we need a bunch of random people contributing to the problem.

They started another movie, so I'm guessing they'll finish it and the noise will stay around. That means I need to find something brainless to do (i.e. not study, and not work). Gee, life would be nice if I didn't have to think much.

So tired. :-/

All I want is to not have to go to bullshit school, have a nice, clean, quiet house, get to work on fun stuff whenever I want, be able to travel at will, and have a wonderful girlfriend..... is this too much to ask for?


I only alluded to the completion of my second of three finals. Not everybody got it, though.

So yeah, German final was easy. I definitely did better than either of the previous big tests, probably because it was so comprehensive. But learning language is naturally comprehensive, so it's not as hard as a final in a class where you switch between disparate topics weekly.

For our essay we had to talk about what some hypothetical guy did while he was in Vienna. My essay, translated into English was approximately as follows:
I woke up at 6am because my friend called me, he wanted to go to church. But I was too tired to go, so I said no. I tried to sleep but I had to do my homework. Then I called him and we went and ate Weinerschnitzel. It tasted to us good! Then we went to the city center and met with two female friends. Then we all undressed and danced naked in the street. "Why?", you ask. Because Beer helped us! We drank a lot. It made to us fun!
So yeah, with an essay like that, how could I fail?

Linguistics day!

I get to read my linguistics book all day today... fun fun.

Bizarre dream last night:
Chuck and I were driving through a shopping mall in my car. He had to hop out and open doors for me while I drove in and out ... it was hard to get both doors open at once without banging up the side of the car as the door closed. Driving around the mall, we saw Joe sitting at a bar, drinking and eating Mentos or something. He said he's there's every Sunday night. We went to go park the car in the parking lot and then went back in to visit him, but first we walked through the back of a Pizzeria. When we got back to the bar, he was gone. But then people started yelling at us, and we saw he was sitting down at a table with a few girls, all eating pizza. We all went back to the car, but it had turned into an over-sized bike. Joe got on it and broke it. He apologized, but we realized it was broken before he got on it. We twisted something and then it worked, and we all rode off.
Had a cool idea last night right before I fell asleep:
Make a 256 MB blank file with dd, put VFAT filesystem on it with mkdosfs, keep it mounted via the loopback at all times, then use hotplug scripts to automatically mount my Nex2 (async) and rsync from the local nex2 mirror to my nex2 whenever I plug it in, possibly with a pretty progress bar (or at least a console window with the rsync --progress). That means over the course of a day I can decide which files I want on my nex2 for the next day, slowly making changes, then just rsync before I leave... without wasting unnecessary battery power. Essentially I'm queuing all my operatings to the device for later. I believe this is how the iPod works, which got me thinking about to simulate its behavior.
Back to linguistics .....

Whoa -- video loopback

After doing the loopback thing in my previous post, I started to think more about loopback stuff in other cases...

I wanted to use my Axis network camera with the motion program, but realized there probably were no Video4Linux drivers for it. I wondered if anybody had written a video loopback device, so I could combine my "fetchimage" program (which gets a frame or stream of frames from the camera) and feed it to the V4L subsystem.

I seached google for "video loopback" and lookie here:

With this it should be trivial to write a daemon which feeds the loopback device and thus makes my Axis cam show up as a V4L device to everything else.

Then I'll be able to use motion. Hoo-ray.

Oh, back to reading linguistics. This was all a diversion as I was lying on my bed and realized 1) my camera doesn't do much, and 2) whenever I build a new kernel, not using the Video4Linux menu makes me realize I'm missing out on something.

After this final, it's play time.


I went to make Spaghetti... I had 1.5 units of noodles. I had the choice of eating:

1.0 unit, thus saving only 0.5 units for an unfilling meal later, which I'd probably never make, since I'd never want to invest the 10 minutes into an unfilling meal.

0.75 units, which would not-quite-fill-me-up twice in a row.


1.5 units and toast. I'm stuffed.


T-12 hours until this quarter is done. Well, 12 hours and 40 minutes if the final takes a full 2 hours. I hope not.

I've been studying all day but not much is sticking. Maybe enough.... we'll see.

Mentally and physically I'm already done. Even if I fail tomorrow morning's midterm I'll still get an acceptable grade in the class. The homework component of our final grade is 50% of our grade, and I think I did it all. My two midterm scores were adequate, and that's another 25% of our grade.

But really, I could give less of a shit about grades at this point. I think my largest motivation for studying at this point is so I can finish the thing quicker.

Dell better fix my laptop tomorrow. I leave Tuesday morning. Otherwise I have no laptop on the cruise (no place to offload digital camera pictures), and no LJ development environment in Oregon. (though I suppose I could bring my desktop system down there... bleh)

I'm off to Evan's to study in a bit here. He thought the final was Tuesday, so he just started a couple hours ago. Heh.

Fuck this is a boring post. But at least it killed some time I'd otherwise be studying. Score.


Fun conversations you couldn't have before caller ID:

*ring ring*
Them: "Hi what's going on I'm going to have to call you back okay?"
Me: "Okay."


Yeah, I definitely should've bought an OSX laptop, not my big fucking brick. I'm on Evan's TiBook now, using cryo's OSX LJ client... soooo nice.

Oh well, I'll just buy another laptop! Maybe.

We're studying linguistics. He made popcorn!