December 20th, 2001


24 hour stuff

more stuff needs to be open 24 hours.
powells, barnes and noble, and borders... all close at 11 or midnight.
i want to drive and i want to drive to a bookstore.
but nothing's open.
so what am i suppose to do? sleep? bleh.

i read a review of a book written by a person that had supposedly been translating between english and german for 15 years. her review misused "its" and "it's" several times. *sigh* Well, I guess that says her native language is English. :P

more amusing: opened amazon and it said "Welcome Blythe!" heh. naah, she didn't do any 1-click shopping.

played with KDevelop a bit. pretty neat. too bad i have no time to really get involved with it, or anything.

yeah, guess i'll go to bed.


Not much exciting.
Printed some stuff out.
Went to Borders.
Got some books.
Sat in Cafe.
Read, worked.
Moved to car.
Called some people.
Everybody was gone, out, sleeping, or unreachable.
Boring boring.

Wait, pjammer says I should write interesting stuff! Umm... Maybe later.

Leaving for the cruise tomorrow. That'll be cool.