December 22nd, 2001


On boat....

On the boat now docked in Puerto Rico. Plane ride took forever. Alternated between German stuff, programming, and listening to music. Haven't slept yet.

I would have net access in my room but it's modem-based, not ethernet-based, and I left my modem dongle at home. Stupid dongles! :)

But whatever... I can use the computers sprinkled about the ship instead. But I'm not sure if I can read my mail or not.... oh well. I don't like email much anyway. :)

Anyway, I think it's nap time now before stuff starts happening tonight. The boat's still boarding for quite awhile as people's flights get in.

Oh, funniest/suckiest thing: 5 months ago they bumped the drinking age on-board from 18 to 21, which means Ryan can't go drinking or go into the nightclubs. I guess I'm laughing at the irony: last time we went on a cruise I was 2 months away from drinking age (when I was 17 and 10/12 months). Heh.

So I guess I won't be posting day-by-day digital camera pictures now, unless I can find a modem dongle on some Caribbean island. Hah. :)