December 23rd, 2001


day 2

The floor in the elevator says it's Sunday. Whatever. That doesn't mean much to me. :)

Yesterday: ate a lot, drank a lot. Cool stuff about drinking on a boat: 1) never have to drive home, 2) if you get really drunk and you feel wobbly, you can just blame it on the boat! But actually, the boat has an active stabilization system that balances it 40 times per minute. But that isn't good enough to play pool on, so the $90,000 pool tables have 5 gyros in them that keep them perfectly flat all the time. It's fucking trippy: you walk into this lounge and it looks like the pool tables are just wobbling randomly because you can't feel the boat moving (or because you're drunk and the boat's moving, so you ignore both) but you can see the pool tables in relation to the floor going crazy. This girl next to us said, "Hey, I blame missing that shot on the table moving!" Heh. I told her that was the best excuse I'd ever heard. The pool stabilizers were good... Ryan landed a ball right on the edge of a pocket where it was right on the edge of falling in... it stayed there, never falling in even though the table was(n't) moving all over the place (in relation to the floor).

Ran 5 miles this morning. So much easier to run when it's warm compared to at home when my ears and nose freezes and my lungs hurt from the cold.

The international host director chick speaks 7 languages. She introduced herself and gave her speech in all 7. It was incredibly impressive. Ryan said he's getting sick of hearing so many different languages. He's one of those "Why can't everybody just speak English?"-type of people. He said he's sick of Spanish because he always thinks people are telling him to "come here" when they're really just talking about eating (comer).

Tonight's one of the formal dinner nights. Get to get all snazzed up in my new suit. HooRAY.

It's been alternating between sunny and pouring around here today and yesterday, and rain is expected for tomorrow too. It rained 34 days straight in Portland before we left, and now it's raining here too? In Puerto Rico it was flooding.... we saw people in cars half-under water, and people with cars 75% under water, unable to open the doors (them on the outside). And then the cops just leading more people through into it, one by one. Heh.

Cool stuff everywhere. I want to go up the huge climbing wall later. I so wish I could post pictures. The modem-dongle store in town was closed. Ahhh... Sunday. It all makes sense now. Ryan wanted to walk down this side-street through town (St. Thomas) and I consented. We got about a step down it and 2 people ran after us telling us not to go that way because bad people lived there and that's the last place we want to go and if we wanted anything in particular, they'd help us find it. Oh, and did we want any drugs? Ryan's theory is they were both preventing us from going buying droggas from their competition.

Anyway, I'm off....

Update: I can't read my mail, so don't send me anything or expect me to read it. All I can read are LJ comments, but don't send me annoying stuff there. :)