December 31st, 2001



I resolve to end my post drought. Whoa... Done!

No, seriously: I resolve to have more fun. There are only two reasons to exist: to enjoy life, and to improve the state of things. Doing too much of one at the expense of the other is doing a disservice to the world or yourself, respectively.

The cruise was awesome. I'll post pictures once I weed out the junk, or at least scale down the high-res junk. 130 MB is too much to post.

I'm back in Seattle now. I drove up this morning. Trowelhouse party tonight!!!

I made a list of things to do in the car driving up. There were 15 items on the list. I did them all today with Kenji, including the one which involved remembering something I'd forgot. I'm particularly excited about the xmas present I bought my car: an oil change, new wipers, and a detailing. (Note to self: Appointment is Friday, 9:30 pm)

I met a lot of interesting people on the cruise .... I wish I would've got their contact info. I told Nick the other day that I've gone 21 years hating everybody but it's time to change that. Even if 9 out of 10 people disappoint me in some way, that 1 interesting, impressive person makes life worthwhile. So at the same time, I need to strive to be interesting and impressive as well ... I don't want to make the world a less enjoyable place for the people I respect.

I just tried to take a nap but it failed. My sleep schedule is still whack from Caribbean time. I woke up at 6 yesterday and 7 this morning. I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night, and 11 the night before (after being away ~20 hours). Shifting 4 time zones west right before the night where you're supposed to stay up until midnight sucks: it's like staying up until 4am. (although... I was up one night on the cruising drinking until 4am... :P)

Now Plan: find food, shower, party.
Tomorrow Plan: pay bills, rebuild marklar, mail people, return books.
Wednesday Plan: call ASL/ESS about defective crap.
Thursday plan: ?
Friday plan: Car appointment.

Oh, I need to find a dentist in Seattle. My Oregon dentist kicks ass, but going down there is inconvenient. My appointment is for the 3rd of Jan., but I came up too early and had to have it cancelled. Any denist recommendations?