January 1st, 2002


2002 + 3.666 hours

great party. my first "real" trowel party attendance!

wonderful seeing everyone. kelly and i had fun discussing the empty set. liz couldn't stop making out with me. kenji couldn't learn how to smoke. (why, dumbass?) all of calli's friends were cool. evan is funny when he's sober and assumes everybody's 10 times drunker than they are. :-) erik and brendan disappeared at some point. patrick and brenna wandered off, too. halycon wished me happy holidays. girl with the black coat and purple scarf was a good dancer.

and so on...

parties are fun.


housemate dead

Kenji isn't feeling too hot after last night's drinking. We theorized that the beer might've been spiked with alcohol or something. Maybe even just a trace... say, 5%. Damn that alcoholic beer killing my roommate! :P

And what's with everybody's posts today with comments disabled?

I'm finally showered & dressed. Pretty slow morning. I need to go find food.... all I have is pancake mix.