January 2nd, 2002



I finally saw Amélie!! Sooooooooo good. I will buy the DVD the first day I can.

I went with elizabethawise in Bellevue, then we hit Dick's for milkshakes, then drove around downtown Seattle on lots of mini missions, all part of a larger mission to kill time and not sleep.

But now.... Now I shall sleep, I do believe. Tomorrow stores and businesses reopen and I have much purchasing and phone calling to do. Oh yes, oh yes.


Bloody dick

So I went to the computer store this morning to get parts to build a cheap-o file server / test machine.

I was sliding something in and gashed up my thumb. I didn't even feel it, but then I noticed blood all over my hand. I went to put on a bandaid, get a drink, and take a piss. Sometime during my piss my bandaid came off and gallons of blood proceeded to stream down my thumb onto my dick.

So now my dick is covered in blood.

Good story, eh?

Shower time.

build complete

Making tangible things always makes me feel accomplished, whether it's a wall or a computer.

This computer was fun to build today, ignoring the bloody dick incident and the traffic in the U-District and on Aurora.

I think this is the coolest system I've built ...
  • full tower, with cute lil' feet
  • no PCI cards (lan/video/sound on motherboard)
  • 1 GB memory (max)
  • 240 GB storage (UDMA-66)
  • very quiet, especially when suspended.
  • Frickin' cheap! The most expensive parts were the disks... but you could build a bad-ass computer for $500.
So now I'm going to finish cleaning the room, then take this thing downtown for some 100 Mbps LAN copyin'. This is the off-site (my house) backup machine for LJ, where I'll also test the cluster conversion scripts. I only have to take it downtown to copy the initial 35 GB snapshot, then in the future I only have to download (over cable modem) the compressed binary diffs (xdelta), and the MySQL compressed binlogs, both relatively small daily.

video loopback

Yesterday I messed around with video loopback stuff again. Things weren't working and I gave up, somewhat dejected. Last night in bed I realized the bug wasn't mine, but the vloopback module's. In fact, it has several bugs: rmmod it and it'll hang the system. :-)

But I have random color static now! Now I just have to connect the two pieces: I already have the image acquistion from the network camera, and now I can feed the video loop input. I just need to get raw pixels from the JPEG now... I suppose ImageMagick can convert to some RAW format for me. Oh, and my JPEG acquire program is in Perl, so I suppose I either need to make the C program which feeds the pipe read from the Perl program, or figure out how to do ioctls with Perl, which is probably easy, but I haven't looked into it and I'm just thinking out loud now.

Hungry again. Damn cruise.