January 5th, 2002


new phone

hooray ... my new phone arrived.
yay for increasingly small devices!
if i only i had a small laptop & small camera
i tricked kenji into thinking the package was for him:
"Kenji, you've got a mail!!!"
he looks at the package, i walk towards him with it.
i hand him a seattle public utilities bill.
mwa hah hah.
that's for his ass not making me burritos. :-)

new fun project!

I now have a monitor up in the top right corner of my room. I still have that Axis video camera mounted in the top left corner of my room, looking over the whole room.

Using the 'motion' program, I should be able to write another program which reads motion's output and controls 'xeyes' on the monitor in the top right corner of my room and make the eyes approximately follow wherever the motion is.

This, of course, overlayed on top of tons of other random crap going on on that monitor.

things i love today

things i love today: (and plan to love tomorrow also)
my picture screen -- so many happy memories flashing by
my new phone --- so small i can't feel it in my pocket

off to watch a movie now with brenna & evan & patrick.
chuck's coming home tonight.