January 6th, 2002



Went and had a beer and watched a movie with Brenna, Evan, Patrick, and a friend of Brenna's, Wes.

Came back and Chuck, Dana, and April were here.

Nice seeing everyone.


I wonder how many times a raindrop both combines with other raindrops and splits apart from getting too large on its path to the group.

Ich glaube, dass ich nach Deutschland gehen werde....

Today I spent a lot of time talking to calliste and looking into the Goethe Institute.

I think I'm going to do this in Dresden:

I took the placement test. I can stay 3 months without a visa. I can apply for a visa once I'm there to stay longer. I got the 2-page visa PDF file... looks painless enough to fill out.

I have two choices of housing: through the Goethe Institute, or with Calliste (her post). But that's up to her roommates wanting me there or not. The advantage of being there is that there's DSL, so I could work on LJ easily. The net access through the Goethe Institute would be pay-by-minute in some lab, it seems.

Evan did the Goethe Institute and highly recommends it, so that gives yet more impetus to go.

This would rock. Note to self: get moving on this. I'm going to call the Goethe Institute tomorrow and ask them a few questions.


Red Robin in 30 minutes!