January 8th, 2002



(17:58:21) brad fitzpatrick: Weiss er dass er deine Liebling ist?
(17:58:36) Calliste: I think he does
(17:58:53) brad fitzpatrick: heh

I had a 4 hour break today between my two classes. I should've came home. 4 hours on campus = boring.

Came home. Made spaghetti. Working on LJ. Considering going to bed at 8 pm.
The advertisement outside of Tubs says: "I tanned, friends asked me if I lost weight!" I can't begin to count the number of ways that's wrong.
Pseudoflirted with a girl at the post office today. She offered me her stapler to seal a big envelope. Replaying the conversation after I left, I realized there was more there than friendliness and kicked myself for not realizing it then. But I'm smooth like that.
Had to pull myself out of bed this morning. And I went to bed before midnight last night! Where hath all my energy gone? I do believe that school might have already sucked it dry.
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Watching Buffy & hackin' the planet.
Katie Holmes sold out and is on some lame commercial.
At least she's still hella cute. I don't care what she's saying.

why i hate school

I hate school because of all stupid textbooks, like my padded grammar book last quarter, or my environmentalgeographywhateverhatethisclass book now:
"Another important measure of the health status of a population is the mortality rate, which is the ratio of the number of deaths during a specified period to the number of persons at risk of dying during a specific period."
Uhhh.... so the like the population, minus Spike and other immortals? Seriously Mr. Author, stop wasting my time. I know you get paid by the word and all, but that extra 18 cents won't make up for the beating you're going to get if I meet you in person.