January 12th, 2002



I will split my weekend in half.

Today I work.
Tomorrow is school/life/homework.

No thinking about other stuff on its wrong day.

$ QT_XFT=0 konsole
(anti-aliased fonts are neat, but not in a terminal)
$ konsole --noxft
that's probably better

int0rnet is faster than that pussy thunder

(18:19:26) brad: whoa, thunder
(18:19:27) brad: hear that shit?
(18:19:33) Eli 399: hahh
(18:19:33) brad: shaking our damn house
(18:19:36) Eli 399: not till you posted
(18:19:38) Eli 399: it must be closer to you
(18:19:44) brad: heh
(18:19:44) brad: rad
(18:19:46) Eli 399: I saw the ligtning though
(18:19:55) Eli 399: yeah..that was cool....tell me when you hear the next one :-)
(18:19:59) brad: k