January 13th, 2002


Homework day

For the most part, today's been homework/reading day. But a few pseudo-interesting diversions:

How cool is it that there are documents this long and in this detail about global law?
This wasn't even homework ... but some other reading I was doing referred to it so I thought I'd go figure out what it is.

I was doing German and got the idea that it'd be fun to translate Alphabet Aerobics:
Artificial amateurs aren't at all amazing
Analytically, I assault animate things
Künstliche Anfänger sind erstaunlich nicht.
Analytisch, greife ich lebendige Dingen an.

Broken barriers, bounded by the bomb beat
Buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding
Zerbrochene Barrieren werden von dem tollen Schwebungston begrenzt.
Bauten sind gebrochen. Im Grunde anstürme ich gegen.
Then I got bored. But it was fun while it lasted.

I went to this random store we have near our house: It's a combination TrueValue and girly-crap store. Very very odd. I bought candles (see girly crap), a halogen bulb, an extension cord, and 2 cooking spoons. The cashier noted my random selection of items as well.

I wanted to be able to query my monitor's state:
And q led me to lm_sensors:
Fun stuff.

Monday nights are going to be LJ hackin' drinkin' chai night:
Followed by drinking with dantes_crew


la la

my bedroom rocks now.

i was digging through my storage bins and found tons of stuff:

-- white board & dry erase markers
-- 3m double-stick tape to hang whiteboard
-- more xmas lights!
-- spinny colored light thingy
-- halogen swivel-neck light, with dead bulb

Bought a new halogen bulb then, and candle holders & candles, (i already posted about this) and now with all of the above, my room rules. I don't have to use my ugly ceiling lights anymore... i have 5 other light sources now that are much cooler.

and a whiteboard!
oh, i did laundry today too!

(oh, so easily amused on homework days.)