January 16th, 2002



Chuck comes into my room: "Wanna go to the Olympics?"
Me: "When?"
Chuck: "13th - 17th. You'll have to skip 3 days of school."
Me: "Okay".

And then we bought plane tickets.


the body owns:The key to success, he thinks, is to find a way to emulate the efficiency of muscle tissue: "Muscle is so damn good at this stuff. If you took all of the muscles off of a healthy adult male and put them in full contraction, they would lift 20 tons. And they run on carrots." </blockquote> didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but after that it was a pretty nice day. tons of energy. got a lot of programming done. got a bunch of good email. going to dinner with raja & evan tonight, i believe. maybe over to the trowel house also? the oil man came and filled up our tank ... our house will be warm again, in a couple hours at least.