January 19th, 2002



everybody's gone.
erik and i went to the hurricane to see his fantasy girl.
or whatever.
she was a cutey, in that very genuine way.
and eat chili cheese fries & mozarella sticks!
joe likes our house but it's not swanky
sherm's ipod was neat.
crazy taxi is crazy
40s are fun. erik drinks faster.
good times.
no CVS commits. :P


Time for a journal entry with a theme! The theme is "props". Also called a subject. ^^^ see?

Okay, props to:

Evan, for the Aesop Rock. Totally good shit.
Dormando, for statserv & low disk warning.
Starbucks, for Frappuccino which is very good frozen even though it's overpriced but not so overpriced if you buy it in bulk.
Sherm, for hating the same things I hate. :P
Internap, for its NTP server, DNS servers, and Debian mirror.
Debian, because it's just always good.

Oh, and to whoever invented slippers to keep my toes warm.

I wish I could type with gloves on. Weil meine Finger kalt sind! Because my fingers cold are! :P