January 20th, 2002


Tons o' DVDs

I have way too many DVDs:
... but I haven't bought anything new in a long time.

But my birthday is coming up (Feb 5th) so I figure I can whore myself just this one time (a year?) and post my wishlist:
Long ugly Amazon URL

I mean, if billiam[1] and pjammer can do it, I can too, right?

More than anything, though, recommend movies to me. I have a lot of low-quality movies on my wishlist that I recognize as low-quality, but are still amusing. Good movies I totally love, though, but are harder to discover. So educate me. :-)

[1] God rest his soul.

Let down.

For some reason I woke up really excited, thinking there was something cool to see or do or experience.

What a let down it was when after a half hour of thinking I realized it was only a normal day. Worse, a homework-only day.

Oh well.

So here's the plan: I'm going to finish my 5-6 page paper all today, including picking a topic, doing research, and writing it. And then I'll relax and hack without guilt until it's due a week from now.

It's that easy, right? Hah.

Things that are cool

This morning I decided to make shower time interesting: I opened the shower door, adjusted the hot and cold knobs as I thought they should be, and then in a leap of faith jumped in without feeling the water temperature first. I suggest you try it. It's tons of fun.

I drove to deliver our 20 day late rent to our landlords. They're still not there. We should really have just mailed it to them, if we knew their address. I should've scribbled it down while I was there today. But I don't know their zipcode. Oh well. At least they're not angry with us... yet.

The best part was the drive along the lake .... sehr schön.

My wishlist is totally sweet now. Props to y'all for the movie recommendations.

I took down the big sheet I had blocking 3 of my full-height windows in my not-bedroom-made-into-a-bedroom. Before. After. (flipping back and forth is fun) Not sure if I like it yet... on one hand, the lake is rad, but on the other hand, kinda bright. I think I'll end up covering one window back up.

I shaved with a real razor yesterday. Lovin' this smoothness.

Oh yeah, writing that paper. Right.

Update: Started laundry and figured out the solution to my light blocking problem: Instead of blocking 3 (well, 2.5) of my windows, I doubled the sheet up and blocked 1 very well (more thick, ya know?) and so now my computer area is dark, and the rest of my room is bright:

Block 2.5. Block 0. Block 1 well.

Score. And I can still scoot my chair to the right a few inches and see the schönen See.


My 5-6 page paper has started! Starting a paper is really the hard part.... a good introduction just makes the rest so much easier. Not that mine is particularly good, but it's better than nothing. And no, you can't read it. :-)

So .333 pgs/5 min ... one fifteenth done! w00t.

On a side note, I'm doing laundry and I made an Oregon coast sandwich: Cannon Beach bread and Tillamook cheese.

Status Updates

GFG hamburgers ate: 2
Inbox count: 10 (down from 50!!)
Pages written: 1
Roommates back from Canada: 2
Glasses of iced tea drank today: like 15
Laundry loads done: 3
Boring updates written at 9:00pm: 1