January 23rd, 2002

Trippy, tired, Tired


I'm finding it hard to care.

The quicktime media server where I'm supposed to listen to the audio to complete the workbook is dead. And that's after I jumped through hoops to fix their broken javascript.

So I'm not going to do that. A friend from class let me borrow his book (until I found mine ... I had bought it!), and I could've just copied his answers, except he did the wrong chapter. I guess that's what happens when you hit the chronic three times a day. Does he not even realize what the current content in class is? :-)

I think I've been sitting here for an hour doing nothing.

I'll quiz myself on vocab once more and then sleep for a bit maybe?

I have two appointments with different professors about LiveJournal stuff tomorrow, one of which I accidentally scheduled during my enviornmental boreology class. Whatever. Guess I'll skip it.




I'm in my room now with my door locked because the house is all super dark & quiet and I just saw a phantom ghost light upstairs and I think it's following me.

That is all.

P.S. Thank you to whoever sent me that DVD that came today. I haven't opened it yet because it's not my birthday so I don't know who you are or what it is, but it's sitting here on my table teasing me.

P.P.S. I tricked you with that "That is all" line, huh? :-)

P.P.P.S. I made you read PP. I'm listening to Dune. It's silly music but I like it sometimes. Mock me not.


(22:50:39) Naomi: ok
(22:50:58) Naomi: i might be able to do you sitting up
(22:50:58) Naomi: too
(22:51:03) Naomi: like at a table
(22:51:10) Naomi: so you ahve something to lean on
(22:51:19) Naomi: get you a pillow or something
(22:51:27) Naomi: incase we get bored at the party
(22:51:44) Naomi: you can just sit still and let me practice
(22:51:51) brad: rad