January 24th, 2002


Graduation and more

Today I spent probably 4 hours running around campus back and forth between different departments. Here's the story:

I need 15 credits this quarter to graduate, 5 of which must be writing.

I'm signed up for 12 now:

  • 5 german (fun)
  • 5 writing (boring class -- hate it)
  • 2 music listening (super easy)
The last day to add classes is the 27th (Sunday), which effectively means I need my shit together by tomorrow. I need 3 more credits.

David Silver of the communications department went crazy over how cool LJ is and wants to sponsor me on a project about it. I asked if it could be writing so I could drop my other writing class... after a bunch of running about and talking to people, we discovered it could be, but only up to 5 credits.

So that means I either need to:

  1. stay in my dumb writing class which sucks up my time and will to live, and do 3 credits of LJ
  2. do 5 credits of LJ with writing (already proposed the paper topic... he loves it, more on that later), and find another 3 credits
Find another 3 credits, eh? Well, possible! David also said he'd sponsor me on General Studies 350, administered through some department in MGH. So I was all over there today, getting forms and talking to people. But the people I need to talk to weren't in.

Hopefully hopefully hopefully they mail me back soon or answer their phone so I can get that class added to my schedule, get my other independent study added, and drop environmental boreology writing.

If all goes to plan I will be ecstatic and have the following schedule:

  • 5 credits German
  • 2 credits music listening
  • 8 credits LJ
That would so rule. I could focus on school & work & fun at the same time with 100% of my effort.

I'll know by tomorrow, I guess. But at least I'm graduating for sure at this point ... no more fear of being in this hellhole for another quarter.


Yay for Spam!

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I think it's time to apt-get the newest junkfilter. I'm still using junkfilter rules from 5 or 6 months ago .... haven't read the docs on how to use the Debian package's rules yet.

Why Kenji and I are asses

Innertube Basketball season started tonight. We won! (well, the other team didn't show... so we scrimmaged against ourselves)

Hadn't seen eli in awhile, much less without a shirt on. I said, "Eli, you're running 5 miles a day lately? Gettin' a little chubby there... what's up with that?" He's like, "Oh, it's all muscle underneith." I laughed.

Later I felt a little bad for giving him crap. I mean, I know it's temporary. He's also been a stick, and he runs around fire fightin' in forests all summer, so he's all buff from that, but it's still an ass thing to say. I blame kailani for cooking too much for him!

Anyway, that's bad enough. But then as I'm telling Kenji how I felt bad about that on the way to the car he says, "Oh really? haha. ... I told him that too. In the locker room I said, 'Hey Chubbie!'".

We both felt really bad after that.

Sorry Eli!!!!!! :PPppPPpp

We know you'll work it off! :-)


I was just realizing and telling Patrick how much good music I would've probably never discovered if it weren't for LiveJournal.

Very partial list in approximate order of beginning of obsession:

  • Björk
  • Modest Mouse
  • Bran Van 3000
  • Built to Spill
  • Blackalicious
  • Latryx
  • Aesop Rock
Music rules. (extreme over-generalization of the day)