January 25th, 2002


ROCK, or "The day that kept getting better."

How many kick ass things did happen today?

Allow me to enumerate:

  • Woke up full of energy for second time in a row. Normally this happens but once a week. Twice in a week is odd, much less consecutively.
  • Ordered two new Bad-Ass DB servers for LJ to be cluster masters.
  • Got my Deutsche Prüfung back today... did very well.
  • My Environmental Boreology class was cancelled because the prof was sick (said the note on the door). I didn't want to waste 80 minutes of my life in there anyway, since I was planning on dropping the class.
  • After many hours of running back and forth between departments and doing tons of bureaucratic shit, I GOT MY SCHEDULE SETUP!!! Check it:
    • 5 credits of CMU 498: Writing a 10-15 page paper on LiveJournal. Selected topic: how technology, community, and business all affect each other. I.e., how to build a succesful online community, business, and product utilizing the strengths of each area. I've been meaning to write this anyway, but getting writing credit for it just rocks.
    • 3 credits of General Studies 350: LJ DB clustering & S2.
    • 5 credits German.
    • 2 credits going to concerts and listening to music once a week.
  • Right as I walked up to the bus stop after aforementioned bureaucratic shit, bus just pulled up.
  • Got another birfday[1] DVD![2], but haven't opened it yet. Not birfday yet.
So yeah, today rocks. So what am I going to do now? Hack the planet, of course.

[1] Spelling tribute to Billiam.
[2] yeahyeahyeah... I know.


Yay for registration codes!

Sample 1
Hey there
i downloaded one of the livejounalzips and unzipped it all and i am
STUCK! Can u tell me where to whack all that lovly code cus i am making a
website and i wanted that in it. tell me a simplton talk plz cus i have just
learnt html in the passed week.

Sample 2
I am pretty much computer illeterite, and i downloaded your thing on
livejournal for the registration code. than when i opened it, i couldnt find
the code anywhere. sorry to bother you, but can u just sort of tell me the
code? i'd really appreciate it. i'm not willing to pay for it and i dont
know how to find it. thanks for your time.
Emphasis mine.

Seriously folks, could I make up anything this real?